Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users as of Oct 2020. Around 500 million tweets are sent out per day and the “Face With Tears of Joy” emoji is the most used and popular emoji on Twitter for more than two billion times. 

In this article, we will have a look at the top 10 most-followed accounts on Twitter as of Dec 7th, 2020.

Top 10 Most Followed Twitter Accounts

10. Ariana Grande

9. Ellen DeGeneres

8. Donald J. Trump 

7. Xoxo Joanne

6. Taylor Swift

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

4. Rihanna

3. Katy Perry

2. Justin Bieber

1. Barack Obama

10. Ariana Grande (79.6m followers)

Ariana Grande-Butera is an American singer and actress. Last couple of big years for Ariana Grande with her successive hits, she’s very rarely been away from the headlines. With her song ‘thank u and next’ massive hit on Twitter, her followers’ count is increasing rapidly. Grande not only posts personal and promotional tweets but also shouts out to her fans whenever their followers are mentioned or tagged.

9. Ellen DeGeneres (79.4m followers)

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American television host, comedian, actress, writer, and producer who is 9th spot in the top following profiles on Twitter with 79.4 million. She is the host of the popular Ellen show, her huge viewing figures have made her a hit on Twitter too. 

She is very popular because of her famous Oscars tweet that, for a while, this tweet was the most retweeted tweet of all time, also helps to increase Twitter follower count. Her Twitter handle (@TheEllenShow) includes her show name and all tweets are pictures and clips that help promote that. 

8. Lady Gaga (82.9m followers)

Lady Gaga is the 8th most followed user on Twitter as of now because with her huge successes in music and acting, especially with her recent performance in the film A Star is Born, her Twitter followers increasing keep on.

She is the 3rd most influential woman on Twitter according to Brandwatch research. Her top followers include celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Miley Cyrus, and David Guetta. She mostly tweets on her music and acting, along with the activities of her Born This Way Foundation.

7. Taylor Swift (87.5m followers)

Being one of the biggest pop stars in this world not only brings you fame and fortune but also Twitter followers too. Taylor Swift is also one of the most influential people on Twitter. To make that even more impressive, Taylor Swift is the least tweeted person in this top 10 highest followers list, her total tweets count is just 556 times. 

6. Donald J. Trump (88.6m followers)

Many USA people and other countries’ Twitter users surely searched at least once how many Twitter followers does Donald Trump have? Here is the answer, he has 88.6M followers as of 2020 Nov. Trump is very active on Twitter, he posts at least one tweet every day that relates to politics, bills and makes policy announcements or attacks opponents, while his use of capitals and terms like ‘sad’ have become a constant point of ridicule and parody. After the loss in the US presidential election, his followers count decreased. 

Now the question arises on your mind: how many Twitter followers does Joe Biden have? The next US president Biden Twitter profile has 20.7M followers and vice president Kamala Harris have 12.9M followers on Twitter.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo (89.7m followers)

Our solitary games character on the rundown, we have Cristiano Ronaldo, ostensibly the best football (soccer) player on earth, in the fifth spot. Alongside playing for the Portuguese national team, he’s had spells at the greatest clubs on the planet including Juventus F.C, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. 

The fourth most influential man on Twitter, Ronaldo has some entirely large name adherents including Lil Wayne, Jack Dorsey (as in the CEO of Twitter), and Usain Bolt. 

His record is pretty predictable, with his ongoing tweets generally being pictures of him and his family just hanging out and getting up to whatever incomprehensibly he is one of the richest footballers along with Lionel Messi.

4. Rihanna (99.9m followers)

Another performer in our rundown (and still not the last), we have megastar and magnificence item business visionary, Rihanna. With a large number of hits in her possession and her Fenty business going from solidarity to strength, she has figured out how to grow gigantic after on Twitter. 

Rihanna’s Twitter has made the news a ton as well, especially with her scrutinizing Donald Trump for utilizing her melodies at his assemblies. Beside PresAnother musician in our list (and still not the last), we have megastar and beauty product entrepreneur, Rihanna. With a slew of hits to her name and her Fenty business going from strength to strength, she has managed to grow a huge following on Twitter.

Rihanna’s Twitter has made the news a lot too, particularly with her criticizing Donald Trump for using her songs at his rallies. Aside from Presidential beef, Rihanna’s Twitter account has the usual promotional stuff, but also includes more personal tweets, such as shoutouts to collaborators and political posts, identical hamburger, Rihanna’s Twitter account has the typically limited time stuff, yet also incorporates more close to home tweets, for example, hollers to partners and political posts.

3. Katy Perry (109m followers)

In the third spot, we have Katy Perry, a world popular pop star and young lady smoocher. From humble beginnings singing in temples, Perry has now settled herself as one of the greatest music acts on the planet. 

The second most powerful lady on Twitter, Perry is trailed by four individuals from One Direction (Zayn being the one in particular who hasn’t), Alicia Keys, and Neil Patrick Harris. Conceivably clarifying her high check, Perry utilizes Twitter to post her own contemplations and individual messages, as opposed to flooding the channel with limited time tweets (even though they come up now and again as well).

2. Justin Bieber (113.1m followers)

Justin Bieber has been a close to consistent presence since his 2010 hit “Baby.” Since then he’s stayed in the spotlight, refreshing his style and look as he has more seasoned, and getting perhaps the greatest star there is. 

A portion of Bieber’s more eminent devotees incorporates Jaden Smith, Queen Latifah, and Iggy Azalea. He’s additionally the seventh most powerful man on Twitter as well. His real record has less limited-time presents analyzed on others in this rundown. Posts come sparingly, and they’re similarly as regularly irregular considerations and the kind of substance some other Twitter client may post.

1. Barack Obama (127m followers)

Two-time President of the United States, Barack Obama is the most followed person on Twitter with massive 127m followers. It’ll be no stun that holding the most impressive office on the planet gets you a ton of devotees. 

Obama’s record has just stood out as truly newsworthy in 2019, with his positive new year message of trust, later on, was contrasted with Trump’s all-capitals bluster about the media only a couple of hours sooner. With the administration behind him, Obama generally tweets about his different exercises, for example, the work being finished by his Obama Foundation. 

Take a bow to Obama for being the most followed individual on Twitter!

Hope you all enjoy the list of Twitter profiles with the most followers and got an answer to the question of who has the highest Twitter followers.


How many Twitter followers does BTS have?

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, who have a seven-member South Korean boy band that began formation in 2010 and debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment. BTS’s official Twitter account has 31.3M followers.

How many Twitter followers does AOC have?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district since 2019. AOC’s official Twitter profile has 10.4M followers.

What is Facebook Kids Messenger App

Messenger Kids is a messaging app launched by Facebook in December 2017 especially for kids ages 6 to 13 and it does not require a Facebook account. It is a free video calling and messaging app that includes features like games, stickers, GIFs, emojis, and drawing tools that give kids more ways to express their talents. This Facebook messenger gives complete parental control over your children’s activity. This app is the best way to monitor your child’s Facebook messenger.

This Facebook messenger kids app is available in around 70+ countries including the US, Canada, India, Peru, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, and more. The app is now available on both iOS and Android platforms mobile and tablets. 

For Android users – Messenger Kids for Android

For iOS Users – Messenger Kids for iOS

Chromebook doesn’t support apps. But you can use this kids messenger app if you have a newer version of Chromebook. It supports the Google Play store and you can run Facebook Messenger just fine. These Chromebooks will have an Android Application Runtime Environment. It’s currently in beta, and you can access the Beta here: Use Android apps from the Chrome Web Store.

How Messenger Kids Works

Messenger Kids works based on the parent dashboard from their Facebook account, parents can manage their child’s contact list, monitor their activity, and change their account settings whenever they want. Kids can also block and report unknown friend requests, and this app will send notifications to their parents. To access this app, kids no need to create a new Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger Kids Account Creation

To set up a new Messenger Kids account, you need to authenticate your child’s device by using your own Facebook username and password.

Step 1. Download the Messenger Kids app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

Step 2. Open the app and authenticate the device with your Facebook profile. 

Step 3. Then enter your child’s name and other information. 

Step 4. Now the app is ready to use. 

Messenger Kids Account Creation Failure

If your messenger kids account creation failure or not working, update your app or just uninstall your parent’s Facebook account and reinstall it, which helps the messenger will work fine. If you want to make video or audio calls in this app, you should grant permission to access your camera and microphone. If sometimes messenger kids video is not working, check with the app permission and update, troubleshoot or reinstall your app from the play store or app store based on your mobile OS platform.

If you can not create a profile for your child on Messenger Kids, it may be because your account doesn’t meet Facebook standards for who can create an account on Messenger Kids. Facebook Community Standards are more strictly for Messenger Kids accounts and linked parent accounts because the app is designed for children under 13. Keep in mind that if Facebook deleted your child’s Messenger Kids account, you will be unable to create another one for your child.

Messenger Kids Code

Facebook kids messenger code is like a passcode your child can share with friends. It’s a 4-word code that your child’s friends can use this code to request permission to chat with your child in the Messenger Kids app.

How to add a new contact on messenger kids app

In your Facebook messenger kids parent dashboard, you can add contacts, who the child can communicate with.

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Go to the Messenger Kids dashboard in the left menu. If you don’t see it on your menu, click See More… and scroll down to find it.
  3. Below the Accounts you manage, click your child’s name.
  4. Click Contacts.
  5. Click Add Contacts. Search for people you’d like to add or select a category (example: Other Kids, Family Members, Your Friends), then click Add.

If you can’t find one of your child’s friends, click Invite Other Parents to invite their parents to download the Messenger Kids app. Any parent or guardian you ask will be able to see your child’s name and photo, but won’t be added as your child’s contact.

When a child is connected with any adult, the child will not see their Facebook page. They will only see the adult’s name and profile picture.

Remove a contact in Messenger Kids

Follow the below steps and remove any unknown contacts from your child’s messenger account. 

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Click Messenger Kids in the left menu.
  3. Now Click Contacts and Click those three dots on the right side of the contact.
  4. Select Remove [person] as a contact.

Facebook Messenger Kids Updated Version Features

The redesigned messenger kids app is so kid-friendly, and look-and-feel like Facebook Messenger. Facebook introduces new navigation with dedicated “Chat” and “Explore” tabs at the bottom of the screen that allows the kids to switch between their conversations and the other in-app activities like mini-games. A new swipe gesture can help kids can start a call from their inbox. The company says the new features will first roll out to kids using iPhones in the U.S. and Canada. Later they will expand this to other devices and markets in the upcoming months. 

How to Erase Messages on Kids Messenger

Kids can’t delete sent messages or images without parent approval, which means if a child is using inappropriate language in chat, they wouldn’t be able to erase what they’ve said. 

How To Delete Messenger Kids Account

If you feel your child is no longer using Facebook Kids Messenger app, then you can delete the kid’s messenger account by following simple steps.

Delete Messenger Kids Profile on Android / iPhone 

  • Log in to your Facebook app.
  • Tap the Menu tab at the bottom right (on iPhone) or top right (on Android). 
  • Scroll down and tap on “See More”.
  • Click the “Messenger Kids” section and open it. 
  • Now choose the kid’s account that you want to delete. 
  • Tap the Controls tab and select ‘Edit Info’. 
  • Then tap ‘Delete Account’ and again Tap Delete to confirm.

Delete Messenger Kids App on Computer

To delete your child’s kids’ Messenger app account on the computer, follow the below steps.

  1. Visit link for kids messenger login in a browser on your computer. 
  2. Click the child account you want to delete in the menu on the left under Accounts you manage.
  3. Now Click Controls.
  4. Below Account Settings, click Account Details.
  5. Click Delete Account, then click Remove to Confirm.

How To Activate and Use Sleep Mode on Messenger Kids App

Facebook added a sleep mode feature in Kids messenger to avoid kids using the messenger at night time. With this parents can set a default off time and each day at the designated time, the app will “go to sleep” and not be accessible to kids during those hours. Sleep mode is controlled from the Parent Control center in the parent’s Facebook account and the “off times” can be changed at any time.

Sleep Mode on Facebook Kids Messenger
  • Go to the Messenger Kids controls in the main Facebook app. Tap on the child’s name, and then on “Sleep Mode” in the App Controls section.
  • Set the times you want the app to turn off for your child. You can set different times for weekdays versus weekends. Once you set the limits, the child will not be able to use the app during those hours.

If you need to review the messenger kids app or read other reviews, just go to check or write in the play store or the app store and any other third-party review sites.

Hope this article will give you a complete guide about Facebook Messenger Kids features, account creation, parental control tips, messenger kids troubleshooting, and how to delete a kids messenger account on your phone.

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USA’s Top YouTube Videos and Creators of 2020

We are in the last month of 2020, so YouTube has announced its annual list of the top videos and creators on the biggest video platform, displaying the content that is gaining the most traction, and the YouTube stars and topics that are seeing the biggest focus in YouTube video clips. These top listings videos could help you to think in different ways and improve your YouTube content approach.

Dave Chappelle’s video about police murdered George Floyd was the No. 1 trending video on YouTube this year 2020, according to the video platform. 

Chappelle’s 27-minute video is named “8:46,” the timeframe a Minneapolis cop nailed his knee to Floyd’s neck. Presented on the Netflix Is a Joke divert on YouTube in June, it’s not accessible on Netflix itself. (Chappelle has numerous satire specials on Netflix, which as of late eliminated improve show arrangement “Chappelle’s Show” at the humorist’s solicitation.) The depiction of the video notes, “Dave isn’t keen on adapting any substance identified with George Floyd’s passing” and urges watchers to make gifts to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Top trending videos on YouTube in 2020 (U.S.)

  1. Netflix Is A Joke – 8:46, Dave Chappelle
  2. Mark Rober – Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
  3. SNL – First Debate Cold Open
  4. JeffreeStar – We Broke Up
  5. MrBeast – I Bought The World’s Largest Firework
  6. NikkieTutorials, I’m Coming Out.
  7. Dream, Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE
  8. NBC – Ricky Gervais’ Monologue – 2020 Golden Globes
  9. Dude Perfect – Quarantine Stereotypes
  10. SomeGoodNews – Some Good News with John Krasinski – Ep 1

These 10 videos were chosen based on YouTube proprietary algorithms that factor in total no. of. views, likes, comments, and searches by USA viewers. Overall they were watched more than 356 million times and for around 48 million hours on YouTube. The top 10 YouTube channels have a total of more than 175 million subscribers.

Coming to top creators, we didn’t pick any specific content trends in this list. But still, the comedy genre is the winner with social justice messages and gaming video content also in the top list.

Top YouTube Creators (U.S.) 2020

  1. MrBeast
  2. Dream
  3. ZHC
  4. SSSniperwolf
  5. Tiko
  6. Chloe Ting
  7. JoshDub
  8. The Royalty Family
  9. LazarBeam
  10. James Charles

Five of the ten channels listed are generally lined up with gaming-related substance, with Fortnite, Minecraft, and Among Us being the top games getting consideration from these makers. 

Gaming is a huge influencer of present’s youth culture – on the off chance that you haven’t thought about the hugeness of gaming, and how it identifies with arising content patterns, you could be botching significant chances. Not all brands will have items or contributions that line up with gaming, however it merits thinking about the impact of gaming society, and how that may fit inside your informing in 2021. 

The other key subjects among these influencers are huge scope ventures (hard to reproduce), fitness, workout, wellness-related recordings, and make-up instruction videos.

In music, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion took on the world of hip-hop, Drake cemented his influence, Lil Baby released a powerful protest anthem, and so much more.

Top Music Videos (U.S.)

  1. Future – Life is Good ft. Drake
  2. Tekashi 6ix9ine – Gooba
  3. Lil Baby x 42 Dugg – We Paid
  4. NLE Choppa – Walk Em Down ft. Roddy Ricch
  5. Cardi B – WAP ft. Megan Thee Stallion
  6. DaBaby – Rockstar ft. Roddy Ricch
  7. Roddy Ricch – The Box
  8. Drake – Laugh Now Cry Later ft. Lil Durk
  9. YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Lil Top
  10. Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture

Breakout Creators (U.S.)

  1. Dream
  2. Tiko
  3. Chloe Ting
  4. EddieVR
  5. Charli D Amelio
  6. GeorgeNotFound
  7. Dixie D’Amelio
  8. Corpse Husband
  9. SomeGoodNews
  10. Hyram

Twitter Blue Tick Verification Starts in 2021 

Twitter is planning to reopen its blue tick verification system in early 2021, after three years. Twitter’s blue checkmark application process was paused in 2017 due to a flawed process, which ended up being a confused state because of different ways that Twitter employees applied the qualifiers, and who should be approved and not, etc.

So now they will begin the fresh process of getting public feedback on the new policy to implement twitter account verification. Twitter users, brands, and businesses are super happy because they will get a chance to own an official blue checkmark, which will surely increase the twitter followers count and also value of their profile. 

Twitter said it will improve how people can easily identify themselves on this microblogging platform, starting with verification and asking the public to share feedback on a draft of its new verification policy, Twitter said in a blog post on Tuesday, Nov 24th, and feedback survey process will be closed on 8th, Dec 2020. 

This approach will establish the framework for future enhancements by characterizing what check implies, who is qualified for confirmation, and why a few records may lose confirmation to guarantee that the cycle is more impartial. 

Notable Twitter Accounts for Verification

Twitter will initially verify these six types of accounts, including 

  1. Government officials profiles
  2. Companies, Brands, and nonprofit organizations 
  3. News
  4. Entertainment
  5. Sports
  6. Activists, organizers, and Influencers.

Twitter will also plan to increase the number of categories for the eligibility verification process in the future. They also included certain criteria to automatically disapprove twitter verification from an account if the applied user profile inactive or incomplete, as well as if they are found to be in repeated violation of its rules.

If your profile is previously verified and you’re inactive for more than 6 months and do not fully complete your profile’s information, the new system will automatically remove badges from accounts. 

Click this Link for Twitter verification policy Feedback Survey.

From 2021, the company announced work on the verification system would be placed on a longer, more indefinite hold, so Twitter could direct its employees to focus on the US election morality that proved they are working in this process. Though the company this year verified medical experts tweeting about COVID-19 and labeled candidates running for public office, these efforts were managed in more of a one-off fashion. Finally, the 2020 U.S. presidential election also wrapped, and with a transition underway, Twitter says work on its new verification form system will finally resume.

Instagram Keyword Search Feature

Instagram is upgrading its search functionality which will give users to find content by specific keywords to find profiles, locations, and hashtags. Until now, if you have gone searching for something on Instagram, the results have been limited to Top, Accounts, Locations, and Hashtags. 

According to the report from Social Media Today, users are now able to search for posts using keywords that may appear in photo & video captions based on posts that include those exact keywords. This Instagram functionality makes it easier to find a wide range of content and this could also change search consideration for brands and businesses to maximize their Instagram performance and visibility.   

As of now, Instagram’s search update is available in six English countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Soon this will introduce to all other country Instagram users.

For example, previously if you wanted to show up for relevant searches you had to include the right hashtags to get into results. But after this new Instagram technical feature, you don’t need to add every possible hashtag variation to increase post and profile visibility. So the keywords you use within your caption will be enough to ensure people find your content.

How Instagram Keyword Search Work?

Instagram keyword search works by allowing users to type in a keyword such as “social media marketing agency” rather than being used a hashtag like #socialmediamarketingagency. Search results should then surface posts about social media marketing agencies regardless of whether they’re not explicitly labeled all things considered. It’s not known how Instagram figures out what a post is about without depending on hashtags. It’s realized that Instagram will utilize inscriptions to surface posts for a catchphrase look, yet even there are as yet numerous inquiries. 

Still many of us, don’t know how the Instagram algorithm will works. Same as this functionality also has raised many questions in their users’ minds. For example – is it exact keyword match only or Instagram’s algorithm understands synonyms or Is there any AI or machine learning involved to help the algorithm recognize what’s depicted in an image, like this more doubts.

Limited Insta Keyword Search

According to Instagram, keyword searches will be “limited to general interest topics and search terms that are within Instagram’s community guidelines”. So not every niche topic and keywords are will be searchable in this way. 

Instagram Keyword Ranking Factor

The Instagram spokesperson says the team considers it will also rank your posts by its keyword search results based on several factors “including the “post captions, type of content, posted date, and some more”. Instagram ranking factor also look to highlight the most relevant matches to each user, based on algorithm calculations.

It’s not a complete keyword searching process; some criteria plays into how the content should be displayed. This keyword process could have an impact on search and discovery, and how people find your profile on this top social media platform.

To know how this keyword search works, it’s best to running a few tests and seeing how your posts perform with and without hashtags to find out the best Instagram strategy. 

Snapchat Acquired Music App Voisey

Last week, Snapchat has acquired Voisey, a U.K.-based music-tech startup that launched in 2019. The deal was reported by Business Insider, which did not include terms. It’s not clear how much Snap would have paid for the startup to acquire. But the news comes on the heels of a Snap filing earlier this month that indicated that the U.K.

Download Link: Voisey App for iOS


Voisey App

Voisey is a mobile app very similar to TikTok, but with much more of a creator-oriented bent. Whereas TikTok lets users lip-sync and dance to music in the app’s library, Voisey empowers users to co-create fresh tunes or portions of music up to one minute in length. Music creators, rappers, songwriters can upload their own beats, upon which users may then add layers such as vocals, harmonies, or percussion, together with assistance from technology features like auto-tune or other sound improvements. YouTuber Katia Holliday posted a tutorial on How to Record yourself using this Voisey app earlier this year.

Voisey was established by a group of music-tech business visionaries from Norway and the U.K. It hence raised around $1.8 million to date, as indicated by Pitchbook. Voisey is also ranked at 143 positions in iOS Music in the USA according to AppAnnie stats. Among those speculators was Norwegian DJ pair Stargate, which portrayed Voisey as ‘the future of songwriting.’ 

Music industry expert and analyst Mark Mulligan of MIDiA, an exploration firm, placed the obtaining with regards to the continuous development of music-arranged maker apparatuses like L.A. based Output, which as of late brought $45 million in its first-ever fundraising money.

We are on the cusp of a revolution in music-making,” Mulligan wrote, “with a host of new tools and services set to create the fastest growth in music creativity ever seen. Snap wants to be a part of that.” 

Voisey Acquisition

But Snapchat’s London spokesperson Tanya Ridd declined, dot.LA’s request for comment on this story. As a pointer of how these tools and services can lead song creators to authentic achievement, by this year-end, California-based craftsman Olivia Knight endorsed with Island Records and Warner/Chappell Music after she picked up footing on Voisey by making more than 100 videos on this platform. As of September, the application housed more than 11 million new tunes, which had all in all been played more than 200 million times, as per Music Business Worldwide.

Voisey has been depicted in the past as a “TikTok for music creation”. Furthermore, it looks similar to the mainstream video application, which like Voisey is likewise engaged around client created content. 

Then again, TikTok — in any event until further notice — is less about music creation and more about individuals making different sorts of substance — moving, composed messages, gab — set up with a good soundtrack. We state “until further notice” because TikTok’s parent ByteDance has likewise unobtrusively gained resources for music creation, so perhaps we should watch this space.

The move follows Snap’s ongoing dispatch of its TikTok-Esque “Sounds on Snapchat” a feature to let people add tunes to their Stories, to make them, well, more like TikTok videos. It is not yet clear how precisely the organization will incorporate Voisey, yet the obtaining signals a more extensive continuation of the rising conspicuousness that music plays in web-based media.

Snap’s stock has been on a tear since its cheery Q3 profit report, which goosed a following day share cost increment of 28%. From that point forward, the stock has risen another 21%, remembering a close 5% increase on Friday by the market’s close.

It was just last week that Techcrunch revealed TikTok has acquired Israeli based startup which makes AI-based voice agents for call centers for $70 million (although a close source said that is $120 million).

With only 45 days left for Christmas Eve, Pinterest launched its annual holiday gift guide which is highlighting the most searched holiday gift ideas on the platform. This year’s Pinterest gift collection is separated into ten categories, each of which you can click through for more specific gift ideas. 

Each product listing includes up-to-date pricing and a direct link to product pages where you can make a purchase easily whatever you want. Pinterest has attempted to make the posting more versatile well disposed and keeping in mind that it’s essentially intended for direct shopping, it could likewise be an important exploration posting for your own missions, giving understanding into the most famous items and classifications that individuals are looking for in 2020. Additionally, Pinterest has also shared a list of some key themes and ideas for the gift-giving season to help businesses plan their pinterest promotional marketing activities.

Top 10 Pinterest Holiday Gift Ideas Category

Here’s the list of top Pinterest holiday gift guide based on Pinner’s activity within gift searches:

  • Housewarming gift baskets (+2.5x search activity)
  • Gifts for plant lovers (+2x search activity)
  • Movie night box gifts (+3x search activity)
  • Self-care package gift ideas (+70% search activity)
  • Best skincare products (+30% search activity)
  • Diamond jewelry necklace (+5x search activity)
  • Indoor gym for kids (+2.5x search activity)
  • Natural toys (+7x) & learning toys (+96%)
  • Personalized cutting board (+88%) & personalized apron (+83%)

That could help give some extra direction concerning where you should center your endeavors, and unquestionably, as indicated by Pinterest’s details, there will be a great deal of interest in blessing looking the 2020 Christmas season.

Last June, Pinterest Reported a significant uptick in clients attempting to discover Christmas present ideas, with scan amount for Christmas up 77% in April over basic yearly ranges. With the COVID-19 pandemic prohibiting what we will do, and who we will see, many, it shows up, have been needing ahead to Christmas as when, surely, issues are maybe again to some phase of ordinary, anyway as time has gone on, that is transformed into increasingly more substantially less likely, and it creates the impression that we can’t be equipped for having our normal parties and get-togethers over the special seasons this a year. 

Additionally, the data uncovers that people need one thing to keep awake for – with a great deal troublesome data in 2020, people wish to Christmas as a moment of help, of festivity, and surely, of regularity after what’s been an incredibly vigorous a year. 

All things considered, it is esteem focusing on these inclinations, and thinking about the more extensive requirement for festivity inside your get-away promoting endeavors. In reality, people are looking for one thing to take their psyches off the overall happenings, and Christmas offers allow that, and to present to these you deal with to have a great time the season.

You can also read more about Pinterest Holiday Gift Guide from their official newsroom page.  

Dark Mode for Facebook Mobile App

In recent months, the social media giant facebook redesigned its website and mobile app for a better user experience with lots of new features. So here it’s good news for all Facebook users that they confirmed launching dark mode options on its every mobile app such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram after a month of testing. Earlier in March, Facebook also added a dark mode for pc as part of its desktop app. Facebook has a massive number of around 3 billion active mobile users monthly. So it would make sense for Facebook to rolling out dark mode in its main app but keep in mind any bug or design issues could affect a larger section of its audience.

The dark mode option on the Facebook, announcement was first made by Jane Manchun Wong who is a reverse engineering expert and app industry superstar normally tweets about unreleased features in many apps (including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Lite), but the tweet has collaborated with company’s official spokespersons.

Enable Facebook Dark Mode Feature in Mobile App

Facebook for Android’s, Dark Mode feature was tested and publicly available a few months ago for some beta version users. To enable Facebook dark mode option on your android or iOS app, 

  • First, update your Facebook app
  • Once updated, go to Facebook’s “Settings & Privacy” menu
  • Below you will see the Dark Mode option
  • Click and Toggle On that to activate the dark mode feature. 

Note: This dark mode option is only available from Android 10 onwards.

We have yet to receive an official press release from Facebook on their Newsroom website, but a Facebook spokesperson confirms this rollout. As he said “We know people have been asking for dark mode, and they won’t have to wait much longer. People will start to see the option in their Facebook app settings as we roll it out globally.”

This feature is very much useful and saves your eyes when scrolling through Facebook late at night.

Force Dark Mode Developer Option

If you can’t activate the dark mode option on your mobile, there is another easiest way to do this. That is called the force dark mode option, this will be available on android 10 or above version mobile. By using this developer mode feature, you can switch your mobile into a dark mode and that will reflect all dark mode feature apps too. To enable the hidden developer options follow the below steps

  • Go to your mobile settings
  • Then click ‘about phone’ and choose software information
  • You will find the build number click that 5 times continuously.
  • Now the developer mode has been turned on.
  • Go back to settings and below you find developer options.
  • In that search, force dark mode
  • Now enable that force dark mode feature.
  • Now you get a shortcut dark mode icon
  • Toggle on that and enjoy the dark mode feature for whatsapp, facebook and complete mobile too.