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May 6, 2024
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Snapchat Adds Editable Chats, Emoji Reactions, and New Generative AI Features

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Snapchat is the US based photo, video, and messaging app created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, first released in 2011. Known for its unique feature of disappearing messages, photos, and videos, Snapchat quickly gained popularity, particularly among younger demographics. Its innovative approach to communication, incorporating augmented reality filters, stories, and Discover content, revolutionized how people interacted digitally. With its emphasis on spontaneity, creativity, and ephemerality, Snapchat has evolved into a platform for both personal communication and content sharing, shaping digital culture and social interactions in the process.

On an average day, Snapchatters generate over 5 billion Snaps, leveraging visual communication to connect with their friends in a vibrant and engaging manner.

Snapchat’s New Features – May 2024

Snapchat continues to give exciting new features to its users. Among the latest additions are the ability to edit unread messages that have already been sent, a cutting-edge AI reminders feature, emoji reactions, and a host of other enhancements. These updates further enhance the app’s functionality, making it even more dynamic and engaging for users.

Over the past year, Snap introduced some new features that use artificial intelligence (AI). These include making Snaps look better with AI, adding AI-generated captions to Snaps, sending AI-created images based on text, and Dreams, a feature that uses AI to make cool selfies.

Edit Messages 

The edit message feature has a short time limit: you must act within five minutes of sending it — but only if the person hasn’t opened it yet. Snap says this feature will be available “first” to Snapchat Plus subscribers. This is similar to how Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue (now called X Premium) set up a paywall for the same feature over a year ago.

Snap Edit Chats

Post-sent message editing is becoming a popular feature on messaging apps. Meta’s Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp have all introduced it in the past year. Apple also included it in iOS 16, and there’s a chance Google might join in as well.

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Emoji Reactions

If Bitmojis aren’t your thing, Snapchat will now let you send regular emoji reactions to messages, too. Since 2022, Snapchatters have had the option to react to a chat with their Bitmoji to quickly convey a response, whether they’re laughing out loud ???? or cheering on a friend ????. Now, they can react with any emoji to express whatever is on their mind.

Snap Emoji Reactions

Map Reactions

For those who have chosen to share their location with friends, Snapchat is adding a new way to start conversations from Snap Map! You can send a wave as you pass each other on the morning commute or a heart when you see a friend has arrived safely at their destination.

Snap Map Feature

My AI Reminder

If you have something important coming up or want to count down to the weekend, just ask My AI for a reminder in a chat with a friend! With a quick message, My AI will set up a countdown in the app so you won’t forget.

Ask My AI for a Reminder

Snapchat’s My AI chatbot was introduced in February 2023, a few months after the launch of ChatGPT. Initially exclusive to Snapchat Plus users, it later became accessible to all users in April. From responding to various queries to organizing events, the My AI chatbot gradually integrated into the lives of Snapchatters.

On Snapchat, the community expresses itself in various ways – through conversations, Lenses in the Camera, and even clothing choices! The snap team has been inspired by the community’s adoption of artificial intelligence for creativity and maintaining connections with friends. Therefore, they are committed to delivering product innovations in these categories, leveraging AI.

Custom Bitmoji Looks

Snapchatters can unleash their creativity by designing their own digital garments for their Bitmoji. With the help of AI, they can generate unique patterns such as “vibrant graffiti” or “skull flower.” Simply tap on your favorite pattern to edit and watch your clothes transform before your eyes.

Bitmoji AI Fashion

AI-Powered Lenses – In just four days, nearly 40 million Snaps were created by Snapchatters using the 90s AI Lens, transporting themselves back in time with just a simple Snap.

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