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Snapchat Planets Order and Meaning [2024]

Snapchat Best Friends Solar System

Undoubtedly, Snapchat reigns supreme as Gen Z’s go-to social media app. Rolled out in June 2022, Snapchat Plus, an optional subscription enhances the feature-rich platform with exciting upgrades, including the ability to customize the app icon, see story re-watchers, snapchat android dark mode, and designate BFFs. Exploring this, Snapchat’s Plus introduces the Friend Solar System, assigning planets to your close friends for a unique experience.

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Snapchat Plus Features

The Snapchat Planet Order Plus is available for approximately $3.99, a nominal cost considering the enhanced convenience it provides compared to the standard version. These are the exclusive Snapchat Plus features:

  • Best Friends Forever (Pin as #1 Best Friend)
  • Story Rewatch Indicator
  • Custom App Icons/Themes 
  • Snapchat+ Badge 
  • Friend Solar System 
  • Dark Mode on Android
  • Priority Story Replies 
  • Story Timer 
  • Post View Emojis 
  • Friend Snapscore Change
  • Bitmoji Backgrounds 
  • Capturing Color 
  • Custom Notification Sounds 
  • Chat Wallpapers 
  • Custom Capture Buttons 
  • Gift Snapchat+
  • Story Boost
  • Map Appearance
  • Replay Again 

In this blog, we’ll guide you through understanding Snapchat Planets – their order, how they work, their meanings, and more. We’ll also share how you can view the Snapchat solar system for your friends.

What is Snapchat Plus Planets?

Snapchat+ Planet enhances the Snapchat user interface by adding a unique and engaging feature. This innovative addition has garnered widespread appreciation from Snapchat users worldwide.

We all are familiar with how a real solar system looks and works. In our solar system, every planet orbits the Sun and is separated by a certain distance. If you are a Snapchat Plus user, you are the Sun of your Friend’s Solar System.

With Snapchat+, users can select their top 8 friends and organize them in a circle, reminiscent of planets orbiting the sun. Although the concept of Snapchat Plus is straightforward, its impact on maintaining connections with best friends is remarkably effective.

Snapchat introduces an exciting way to elevate user experience, and Snapchat Plus stands out as a fantastic option. Users can designate 8 planetary spots to their closest friends, creating a personalized and visually appealing representation.

Each planet on Snapchat Plus is distinguished by its pictorial characteristics adorned with hearts. For instance, being assigned the Mercury planet signifies that you hold a special place as the closest friend in someone’s circle.

If you’re a Snapchat user, you’ve likely noticed the existence of two friend lists: “Friends” and “The Best Friend.” The contacts listed in the “Best Friend” category are considered the dearest and most cherished among your Snapchat friends.

Snapchat Planets – Best Friends Solar System Order and Meanings

In the Snapchat friend solar system, each planet aligns with a specific position on your Best Friends list, mirroring the order of planets in our actual solar system. As the sun of your Snapchat friend’s solar system, the assignment follows the sequence from Mercury, representing the friend with whom you share the most snaps and chats, to Venus, the second closest, and so forth, until Neptune, who holds the eighth position as your best friend.

1. Mercury

Similar to the arrangement in a real solar system, in the Snapchat best friends solar system, Mercury assumes the position as the first planet, symbolizing the user’s closest friend. Identified by a red planet adorned with four red hearts, Mercury stands as a distinctive representation of this special connection.


Mercury planet features

  • Pink colored planet
  • Red hearts around the planet

2. Venus

If you are assigned the planet Venus that means you are the 2nd best friend in the best friend list of your friends on Snapchat.


This Planet’s features are

  • Beige-colored (light brown) planet
  • Pink, blue, and yellow hearts

3. Earth

If you or your friend assigns the planet Earth to the Snapchat Planet Order list, it indicates that either you or your friend holds the third position on the planet order list.


The Earth planet in the Snapchat Planet Order list is represented with the same colors as the real Earth, featuring a moon, and stars, and adorned with red hearts around it.

4. Mars

If your friend assigns you the Planet Mars, it indicates that you hold the position of the 4th most favored friend in their Snapchat Best Friends list. 

Mars planet appears as a red planet with stars and purple & blue hearts around their friend bitmoji.


5. Jupiter

In the Snapchat Planet Order, Jupiter corresponds to the 5th position, mirroring its place in the Solar System planetary system. If you assign your friend as the Jupiter planet, it signifies that your friend holds the 5th place among the 8 designated friends.


The features of the Jupiter planet include:

  • Orange coloration
  • Pink, blue, and yellow stars surrounding the plane.


Following in the Snapchat best friend Planet Order, Saturn takes the 6th position, bringing its majestic rings into focus. Assigning this to your friend indicates that they occupy the 6th place among the designated 8 friends.


The features of the Saturn planet include:

  • Yellow coloration
  • A distinctive golden ring encircles the planet
  • Pink, blue, and yellow stars surround the planet.

7. Uranus

In the Snapchat universe planet, Uranus signifies the 7th position among the 8 designated friend slots allowed by Snapchat. As per this arrangement, the farther the planet, the more distant the friend in your friend list.


The features of the Uranus planet include:

  • Green colored
  • Yellow stars surround the planet.

8. Neptune

Neptune is the last and 8th planet in the Snapchat Planet Order. If you are assigned 8th place or planet Neptune in the Planet Order system then you are ranked 8th number in your friend`s list.


Planet’s features are mentioned as follows:

  • Blue colored planet
  • Blue stars around the planet

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How Does Snapchat’s Friend Solar System Work?

To find out your position in your friend’s Snapchat universe, start by subscribing to Snapchat Plus. Once subscribed, check your friend’s profile for a badge with a gold outline—it’ll say either “Best Friends” or “Friends.” A Best Friends badge means you’re in each other’s top eight, while a Friends badge means you’re in their top eight, but they’re not in yours.

Tap on either badge to reveal your friendship position in the Friend Solar System. Snapchat makes it fun by representing closeness with planets, each indicating a different rank in their best friends list. For instance, if you’re Jupiter in their Snapchat solar system, you’re their fifth closest friend.

How to check which planet you are:

  1. Open your friend’s profile on Snapchat.
  2. Locate and tap the Best Friends badge to see which planet represents your position.

That’s it! This is how Snapchat’s friend’s solar system works. Just remember, you need to be a Snapchat Plus subscriber to access this feature.

While the Snapchat Planet Order may not align with everyone’s expectations, it’s important to note that this is how the Planet Order is designed by Snapchat. On Snapchat, the ranking of best friends is determined by the level of interaction you have with them. The user you exchange the most snaps and chats with over consecutive weeks becomes your best friend on Snapchat and is designated the Mercury.

Recent Update – Snapchat Turns Off Solar System Feature

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