LinkedIn Business Strategy for B2B Small Business

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for solopreneurs and small business owners, since it may help you connect with colleagues, collaborators, and new clients. But where do you begin when it comes to leveraging LinkedIn’s marketing strategy to develop small businesses? 

LinkedIn is an effective B2B marketing platform. It enables you to establish contacts with future consumers. However, because there are so many various ways to use LinkedIn, getting started might be difficult.

We’ll show you how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out with some practical LinkedIn social media strategies. We’ll also go through how to utilize LinkedIn for small businesses in order to expand your network, make new contacts, and generate prospects.

Is LinkedIn Good for Small Business?

LinkedIn has been around for quite some time and is one of the most rapidly expanding social media networks. It is also an excellent marketing platform for marketing in the B2B industry. Because content is integrated into everything we do online, using LinkedIn in your digital marketing and social media marketing strategy can help your company get off the ground and grow.

By 2022, LinkedIn will have over 810 million users. Furthermore, according to an Econsultancy report, “LinkedIn currently accounts for 64% of all visitors from social media channels to business websites.”

Simply said, it’s no longer only a way to contact old co-workers or employees. LinkedIn marketing takes advantage of this strong social media network to reach out to your target demographic and expand your company.

When it comes to engaging with potential leads on LinkedIn, you should have a good concept of the kind of individuals and companies you want to target. This will allow you to personalize your communications so that they are more relevant and intriguing to them.

Linkedin Business Statistics

  • There are 58 million company pages on LinkedIn
  • 75% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn ads
  • LinkedIn saw a 37% year-over-year growth in revenue in Q2 FY22
  • LinkedIn saw a 43% year-over-year increase in Marketing Solutions revenue in Q2 FY22
  • 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn “take business decisions”
  • 93% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for organic social marketing
  • Companies that post weekly updates on LinkedIn see a 2x higher engagement rate
LinkedIn Marketing Stats 2022

The top 5 LinkedIn marketing strategies you need to know to start producing leads from LinkedIn are described below.

  1. Establish an effective LinkedIn page for your business
  2. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile to Others
  3. Consistently Publish Content
  4. Encourage your employees to join your company’s Facebook Page
  5. Use LinkedIn Groups to your advantage

1. Establish an effective LinkedIn page for your business

Your LinkedIn page functions similarly to a resume. It’s where you explain what you do, who you do it for, and why buyers should select you over your competition, as well as connect to your website. 

Your LinkedIn profile’s tagline section is a precious piece of real estate. You should communicate your company’s unique value proposition there. Your slogan must be written with your target audience in mind. Tell them how you serve your target audience rather than just what you do. Consider your audience’s challenges and describe how you may assist them in one succinct line.

2. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile to Others

You’ll need to cross-promote your LinkedIn profile across your other marketing channels after you’ve set it up. Add the LinkedIn logo to your website and email signature, and link it to your LinkedIn profile. Include your LinkedIn profile information in your other social media sites’ profile pages, such as Facebook and Instagram.

3. Consistently Publish Content

The issue is, that any social media engagement is only worthwhile if you continuously provide material. While maintaining a regular presence takes work, it pays off handsomely.

Begin by looking at your rivals’ LinkedIn profiles to determine what type of material they share. Check out which posts have the most interaction: Do visitors respond to postings that include photos and those that include a question? Or do they choose the ones with videos above everything else? This will assist you in determining the sort of media you should share.

4. Encourage your employees to join your company’s LinkedIn Page

Did you know that on average, employees have 10 times the number of followers their firm has on social media? Make the most of this resource by encouraging your staff to like and connect with your company’s Linkedin company page and all other social media platforms that your company’s presence. Linkedin company page marketing strategy is one of the best ways to engage your company employees and your industry-related business owners and audience.

When your workers like or comment on your articles and posts, the content gets shared with their networks, providing you a far broader reach than you could otherwise have. It’s a simple yet powerful technique to raise your visibility while letting your network do the heavy lifting.

5. Use LinkedIn Groups to your advantage

LinkedIn marketing for B2B includes millions of groups spanning a variety of sectors. Join the discussions to meet new people who might become valuable members of your network. These organizations, however, will only be beneficial if you put in as much as you desire to get out. Instead of bombarding them with messages about doing business with you, focus on creating genuine friendships.

Create a plan for getting the most out of these groups. Look into individual people you want to connect with and see how you can bring value to their lives. Participate in discussions with meaningful and practical information to increase your exposure in the community.

To summarise 

Overall, LinkedIn is one of the top social networking sites for professional, agency, and company owner marketing and promotion. You may start generating leads, attracting staff, and interacting with the ideal audience for your company by using these 5 LinkedIn marketing strategies to your profile. To prevent spamming your LinkedIn friends, make sure the stuff you publish is of high quality. Make connections with influencers, keep an eye on your competitors, and be genuine! To reach your target audience and produce more interaction and leads using LinkedIn, you may apply the advice and strategy, as stated above.

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What are LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn Groups are the best and dedicated place to connect with professionals, business owners within your industry, or similar interests to share their ideas, question & answers, insights, jobs, get guidance and build valuable connections on this professional social network. If you’re looking to find relevant groups to join, just use the search feature at the top of your homepage or select from the suggestions of “Groups you may like.”

Let’s explore how to create a LinkedIn group and some best practices to follow to increase visibility. 

How to Create a Group on LinkedIn

To create a LinkedIn group on browser, 

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account
  • Click the ‘Work’ dropdown next to your profile photo
  • Choose Groups on LinkedIn products or 
  • Direct Link for LinkedIn Groups
  • Click Create Group
  • Now fill all the necessary fields such as Group name, description, Industry, group rules, and some other details on the pop window
  • Upload logo and banner image of your LinkedIn group
  • Now click create and save.
LinkedIn Group Creation Instructions

Finally, LinkedIn Group has been created successfully on your LinkedIn Profile. Follow the same steps and start a LinkedIn group on a mobile app too.

Note: You can create only three groups per day. You can join a maximum of 100 LinkedIn community group pages and you can not own more than 10 groups as per LinkedIn policy.

How to Join Groups on LinkedIn

You can join any group on LinkedIn by clicking “Request to Join” on a Group’s home or profile page. Your join request is sent directly to the Group Admins, who evaluate and accept your request if your account fulfills their rules of the Group. If a connection invites you to join a group, simply click ‘Accept’ on the invite from your inbox or notifications screen, just as the standard Connection request.

How To Use LinkedIn Groups – Best Practices

Whether you’re an owner of a LinkedIn Group or a community member, being an active participant in a Group can help you and your business network with other professionals and businesses in your field. 

Don’t Post Many Advertisements – A LinkedIn Group isn’t a place for businesses to share their advertisements—it’s a channel to share valuable content with your group members. This helps you for a higher engagement and quality interactions within group members.

Brand Awareness – You can easily boost your brand’s name and online reputation by involving in Group’s activities. So search for relevant groups in your industry to start engaging with posts and members.

Encourage Discussion – Ask questions, share polls, listen and respond relevantly. Don’t post off topics in the group, always be professional. This builds trust and offers greater value to you long-term as well. 

Send an invite – Use LinkedIn invite feature to follow your groups with your connections. LinkedIn gives 100 sent invite limits per month for a single group. 

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LinkedIn Group Management

Group owners can have complete access to change the role of a member to an owner or manager and vice versa.

To change the role of a member to a manager or owner follow the below steps

  • Go to LinkedIn Groups
  • Click Manage Group
  • From the members’ list, choose the member profile
  • Click the More icon next to the member’s name
  • Now give access as Make owner or Make manager
  • Click Confirm in the pop-up window

A group owner can add up to 10 other owners including himself, 20 group managers, and maintain a group membership of up to 2 million. 

A group owner can also demote other owners/managers to members. A group owner can’t remove the owner permissions or leave a group until another owner is added to manage the group.

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Freelancers Guide to Generate More Leads From LinkedIn

The world is slowly adopting work from culture during this pandemic situation, many of the professionals looking for freelance jobs after their full-time work. LinkedIn reports a rise in engagement of job applications for various vacancies in this world’s top job searching portal. Professionals consider their next opportunity, and businesses seek expert help to guide their planning. Linkedin now has 774 million profiles and every second three more people signup for a Linkedin account which is a record for five consecutive quarters. 

For the increase of freelancers, LinkedIn introduced various new features to help ensure your presence stands out in the crowd, connect the business owners and decision-makers most effectively. 

Here are the top three important new LinkedIn features that can help boost your platform performance and generate more qualified leads in this social media platform effectively. 

1. LinkedIn Service Page

What is a LinkedIn Service Page?

LinkedIn Service Pages are dedicated landing pages that advertise your company’s services for free. In 2019, LinkedIn added Services listings on freelancer profiles, but it recently changed its display options to make it an even more valuable consideration.

Here’s an example of Matt Navarra‘s LinkedIn services page:

LinkedIn Service Page of Matt Navarra

You can see the updated Services page format that contains a more specific focus area on the services offered, as well as a new ‘Reviews’, and invite option to write reviews from past clients option to display customer testimonials.

It provides a free LinkedIn Services listing that will showcase your business offerings, and help you reach potential clients.

A Services page: 

  • Helps you get found through service searches on LinkedIn.
  • Connects you with LinkedIn members looking for your services.
  • Enables potential clients to contact you for free, even if you’re not connected.
  • Enables you to receive business inquiries from LinkedIn members outside of your network.

Here’s a Virginia Bautista’s LinkedIn Service Page

LinkedIn Service Page of Virginia Bautista

Tips to maximize your free LinkedIn Service Page:

  • Choose up to 10 services that you provide.
  • Complete the ‘About’ section to show your potential clients know more about what you offer (use up to 500 characters).
  • Add work location – You can choose your current location as well as the option “I am available to work remotely”
  • Once you’ve set up your LinkedIn Service Page, share it as a post to let your network know you’re #OpenForBusiness or share it in a message. 

Want to know how to set up your own LinkedIn Services page, check LinkedIn’s official help page.

2. LinkedIn Service Page Reviews

As previously said, LinkedIn recently added a new ‘Reviews’ section to its Services page options, which helps you to showcase positive client reviews, which boosts your profile, and it’s another way to promote your services.

LinkedIn initially provides 20 free credits to invite your past clients to review your services via the process (this will ensure people are not inundated with review requests on the platform). 

Here it’s how the ‘invite to review’ feature looks: 

LinkedIn Service Page Reviews

Tips to maximize your LinkedIn Service Page Reviews:

  • You’re allowed to invite up to 20 requests for clients to review your services.
  • You can withdraw a sent ‘invite to review’ and get the credit back, enabling you to invite another client instead
  • Check the ‘Service Page Reviews Status’ to manage your review invitations. You can also message them to remind them about the review request, or as noted, you can withdraw the invite. 

3. LinkedIn Video Meetings

LinkedIn also recently introduced a new native video meeting option, which enables you to start a video conversation directly from your LinkedIn message threads. Users can use this feature to instantly hold face-to-face video meetings with their clients that build trust.

LinkedIn Video Meeting

Tips to maximize native LinkedIn Video Meetings:

  • As of now, this native LinkedIn video meetings feature enables you to host one-on-one video chats, and soon they plan to host group video meetings feature.
  • Send an instant meeting link or schedule a meeting for another date.

For group video meetings, you can choose from other video meeting platforms supported by LinkedIn, including Microsoft Teams or Zoom.


If you’re a skilled professional with a properly optimized LinkedIn Profile who is looking to maximize your opportunities, it’s worth taking advantage of these LinkedIn tools, and showcase your skills and expertise to clients.

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How To Create a Good LinkedIn Profile

If you want to be successful in your career or business you should be maintaining an online presence on LinkedIn and other social media networks. This platform is not only an effective way to connect business professionals in your niche industry but it also can be the top job-searching website for all career needs. The Professional LinkedIn profile is equivalent to the home page of your website. Optimizing and regularly updating your profile and LinkedIn business page will give you more visibility and sometimes it gives good career opportunities and business leads. 

Why LinkedIn Profile is Important?

Many hiring experts said a LinkedIn profile is more than just your resume. Simply signing a LinkedIn account is not the right way to build connections and apply for jobs. According to the Harvard hiring expert, to set up a basic LinkedIn profile we must have a professional headline and about section that is also called “LinkedIn Profile Summary.” 

You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation, the same as a LinkedIn profile also. So here we list out some of the most important checklists to ensure your profile is updated and the best version of your personal or business brand, and the products/service you offer. 

Professional LinkedIn Profile Checklist 2023

  1. Headline
  2. Professional Profile Photo and Background
  3. Email and Phone Number
  4. Vanity URL
  5. Website or Social Media Profile links
  6. Personal Details
  7. Summary
  8. Work Experience
  9. Education
  10. Skills and Endorsements
  11. Certifications, course details
  12. Recommendations
  13. Project details 
  14. Honors, Awards, & Publications
  15. Volunteering & Causes
  16. Join Groups
  17. Status Update 
  18. Make it on the All-star profile


Your headline is the first thing that recruiter or someone who is going to give a connection request. So make it a memorable one and include expertise area, skill, talents, or keywords like work industry position. This headline area is consisting of a maximum of 120 characters and you may get some extra characters in the LinkedIn mobile app version. 

Profile Photo and Background image

Upload a professional-looking headshot and high-quality photo on your profile. Studies show profiles with photos are 7x more likely to be viewed by others. Make your LinkedIn profile photo size 400×400 pixels and background image 1584 x 396.

Email & Phone Number

Add your active email address and phone number that is associated with your LinkedIn profile. So that recruiters/business professionals will contact you if they need any requirements from you. You can set who can see your email and phone number on your account that receives InMail and updates from LinkedIn.

Vanity URL

You can set your LinkedIn vanity URL as per your wish giving more professionalism when you include it on your resume, business card, or email signature. To find your LinkedIn profile URL, Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and Click View profile ( 

To change your username go to your profile page, and click Edit public profile & URL on the right rail. Below that section click->Edit URL in the right rail, and find your public profile URL.

Website & Social Media Links

If you have a personal or business website and social media accounts, update that in the contact info section. 

Personal Details

Add your date of birth, marital status, and current location details to look like a complete profile. It’s an optional choice for all LinkedIn users.


Consider this section as an answer to “introduce yourself.” The summary should consist of your expertise area and skills. You can also add your leadership quality, personality, values, long-term goals, and outside interests. Add keywords or some key search phrases that hiring persons majorly used. Start the summary paragraph by using “I”, “My” or “Me”. Finally, close with a clear call-to-action, so that recruiters or business professional knows the best way to contact you. 

Work Experience

Include all your professional work history details with designation and years that should be the same as your resume. Use targeted keywords and include specific information about what you’ve done in your previous positions that led to measurable results. (Don’t lie about titles or duties; you’ll likely to caught by your office old colleagues and it will be embarrassing.)


Include all your education details with the institution name, year of study, and marks (optional). This would be in reverse chronological order. If you are a recent graduate, include committees and groups that you were active in school and college.

Skills and Endorsements

List all the skills that you knew and areas of expertise that are most important to your profession. You can add up to 50 skills in LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements section that will help others to understand your strengths and match them for the right opportunities. You can also endorse the skills of your connections.


Ask for recommendations from your colleagues, managers, clients, or even professors who know your work and have good things to say about you.

Courses & Certifications

List all your certifications, course details, (if you have done any), and online test scores with a validity date and organizer details. This section is very useful for both college students and working professionals. It will increase the number of times people view your profile. 

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Project details

This section is very useful for college students who can add their mini-projects, final-year projects, and internship projects (if any) to add in this section.

Honors, Awards, and Publications

Showcase your awards, honors, patent rights, and your publications with some description. It’s not a mandatory section so leave it blank if don’t have any.

Volunteering & Causes

This won’t directly impact your professional skills and experience. It’s just to know how you give your support to others apart from work. If you’re a volunteer in any non-profit organization, do mention it here. Many LinkedIn influencers and experts suggest to don’t adding religious and political activities. 

Join Groups

There are lots of general and industry-related groups are in Linkedin, you can simply search and give requests to that group. This will help you strengthen profiles, gain knowledge, and get more connections with people who share common skills, and experiences in your industry. You can answer questions, share interesting article links, and engage in conversation with other like-minded professionals.

LinkedIn Status Update

Regularly update your status so that your profile will get visibility and engagement in your network. A status update could include a share an article, sharing any interesting, useful industry-based images and videos, publishing an article (LinkedIn Pulse) and creating polls, and more. 

Make All-Star LinkedIn Profile

To get a LinkedIn all profile you need to complete all the below-listed sections. 

  • Profile Picture
  • Work Experience
  • Skills (Minimum 3)
  • Summary
  • Industry & Location
  • Education
  • 50+ Connections

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Make your profile viewable to everyone and be active on LinkedIn. For job seekers, this is the best platform to connect with HRs and even the Director of the company directly and make your profile open to new opportunities. Hope this checklist will help you to create a perfect and professional LinkedIn profile easily.

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Linkedin Mobile App Features

LinkedIn is the largest and the best free online platform for professional networking and career development. This site works as an online directory of individual professionals and organizations, which helps to connect all kinds of business industry people in one place. As of 2020, LinkedIn had more 675 million members in more than 200+ countries and including executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies. LinkedIn has a powerful suite of mobile apps that includes LinkedIn SlideShare, LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn Recruiter, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator which all are accessible through LinkedIn premium.

Any individual persons can use LinkedIn for professional networking, job searching, and information sharing purposes. Companies use it for recruiting and for sharing company business/service updates with prospective employees and followers.

You can’t sit in front of your computer always use LinkedIn so that they are providing LinkedIn and LinkedIn Lite mobile app for android and iOS Users. The new LinkedIn app makes it easy for marketers that nearly cover everything they’d do on a desktop from a mobile device.

Have you ever tried out the new LinkedIn app and its features? If not, I will share with you the best ways to touch with your connections and maximize your productivity with the LinkedIn mobile app. 

1. Get More Characters in Your LinkedIn Headline 

If you search for connections or view content on LinkedIn, you see each person’s name, profile photo, and headline. In LinkedIn Desktop, you can use up to 120 characters headline but in the LinkedIn mobile app, you can add some extra characters to your headline that is 200 characters. This may or may not be useful, but if you want to show your skills on the headline itself which is very useful. You can edit your headline in a mobile app to add extra characters which will reflect the web version of LinkedIn also. 

2. Personalize LinkedIn Connection Requests

Making a great first impression is important and sending a personalized message with your LinkedIn connection requests is a great way to stand out from the crowd instead of sending the default message “I’d like to join your LinkedIn network”. To send a personalized message on a LinkedIn mobile app, From the menu, select the Personalize Invite option and add a message before you send the invitation. You can enter text up to 300 characters, which is enough to highlight and explain why it would be mutually beneficial for you to connect.


3. Send a Message via the LinkedIn Mobile App

If you receive new messages, you’ll see a number in red color to the messaging icon at the top of the screen. Tap this icon to open and read the messages on this screen. From here, you can reply to messages or search for a connection to start a new message. When you’re composing a new message, tap on the + button to the left of Write a Message which includes more features such as add an attachment, GIF, camera photos, videos, location sharing, calendar availability, and maximum 1 minute of voice record options.


4. Sync Your Calendar to See LinkedIn Profiles of Meeting Attendees

If you’re scheduled for a meeting with business professionals, you can use the mobile app to do some last-minute preparation by checking out the LinkedIn profiles of other attendees. 

To get access to this LinkedIn meeting feature, you need to sync your Android or iPhone device’s calendar with the mobile app. First, enable the calendar permissions in your phone settings. 


On an Android device, tap your profile photo and the settings icon at the top right of your screen. On the Account tab, tap Sync Calendar and toggle your calendar to the right.

On the iOS device, tap on your profile photo, and in the pop-out menu, click the blue Settings link. In your account settings, tap Sync Calendar. On the next screen, toggle Sync Calendar to the right.

5. Find LinkedIn Members Near You

Find Nearby is a unique and useful feature on the LinkedIn mobile app which helps to find and connect nearby LinkedIn users easily. If you enable Bluetooth sharing, you can use Find Nearby to discover other LinkedIn members around you (up to 100 feet / 30 meters).

To use the Find Nearby LinkedIn feature, first, activate Bluetooth on your mobile device. Then in the LinkedIn mobile app, tap the My Network tab and tap the blue circle button. In the pop-up menu, tap the Find Nearby icon to see all nearby LinkedIn members.


If a nearby member is already in your connection, you’ll see the option to send a message. If not, you can able to invite them to connect. When your Find Nearby is switched on, other LinkedIn members can discover you, even when you’re not using the LinkedIn mobile app. 

6. Use LinkedIn QR Codes for Connections 

If you meet any professional or business owners’ offline and want to quickly connect with them via LinkedIn, find and share your unique QR code.


To find your QR code on a LinkedIn mobile app, open the app, and tap the QR code icon at the right end of the search bar. When you open the LinkedIn QR code option, you will see 2 options such as Scan and My Code. From this, you can able to scan your new connections QR code and you can share your QR code to others.

Some other Features in Linkedin mobile App

  • Access Today’s Trending News
  • Easily Create a Poll
  • Find an Expert 
  • Access other LinkedIn Apps such as SlideShare, Lynda, Lookup, and more.


Hootsuite/WeAreSocial tells that 99% of social media users access platforms via mobile as of April 2020 data. However, LinkedIn reports that just 57% of their traffic is from a mobile app. The recent updates to the LinkedIn app make it much convenient access for marketers and professionals. So know all these useful LinkedIn mobile app features will help you stay connected when you’re away from your desk. 

LinkedIn is a top free social network for professionals to build a network. LinkedIn is still the best place for most professionals, B2B businesses, and salespeople to find and connect with their niche clients, post regular updates about their business, and engage in numerous ways with their connections.

What Is LinkedIn Premium?

If you’ve used LinkedIn, you’ll get a regular notification to upgrade LinkedIn Premium. LinkedIn Premium is a paid subscription of LinkedIn’s service which is an advanced version of LinkedIn’s Basic account. It allows you to provide various benefits and features based on which subscription tier you sign up for. LinkedIn Premium comes with a free 1-month trial available for all LinkedIn members.

The most commonly used premium option is –Career—allows you to use LinkedIn Learning exclusives, Profile viewers, and job seekers for advanced employment metrics to see how their profile performs against other candidates. LinkedIn Premium Career also gives you 5 InMail credits every month to contact hiring managers. LinkedIn Premium Business option provides LinkedIn company page analytics, insights and gains more visibility by allowing you to engage with users in a more advanced manner.

Cost of LinkedIn Premium 

Many people and businesses using LinkedIn for lead generation purpose mainly and often choose to upgrade from the free to a paid LinkedIn subscription for the following reasons:

  • they feel they are missing out on opportunities
  • they’d like to accomplish more in less time
  • they are not tapping into the full potential of LinkedIn for their business.

LinkedIn Premium has four different price tiers:

Premium Career: $29.99/month or $239.88 per year
Premium Business: $59.99/month or $575.88 per year
Sales Navigator Pro: $79.99/month or $779.88 per year
Recruiter Lite: $119.95/month or $1,199.40 per year

Whether you already have a LinkedIn Premium subscription or are considering signing up for a premium feature, it’s important to know how to cancel LinkedIn Premium.

Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription

LinkedIn Premium Subscription cancellation is very simple. If you cancel your premium membership subscription and return to a basic free account, you will lose all premium insights such as InMail, LinkedIn Learning, and People who viewed your profile and retain your free account profile data as it is. To cancel your LinkedIn Premium Subscription on desktop website follow the below steps.

  • Click the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Go to Settings & Privacy.
  • Now, Select Premium subscription settings from the dropdown.
  • Under ‘Manage Premium account’, click on “Cancel subscription.”
  • Then, click “Continue to cancel.”
  • Choose a reason for canceling, and click on “Confirm cancellation.”
LinkedIn Premium Membership Cancel

There is no option to cancel the premium feature of LinkedIn on the Android and iOS LinkedIn app. But you can use the iTunes app on your iOS device to cancel the subscription. 

Here it’s how to cancel LinkedIn premium on iPhone

  • Go to the Settings and tap iTunes & Apple Store.
LinkedIn Premium Cancel on iTunes App
  • Tap on your name at the very top of the app.
  • Tap on Subscriptions and it will show subscribed applications.
  • Now search and tap on your subscription for LinkedIn. If you do not purchase LinkedIn Premium through Apple directly, it will not show up here.
  • Tap on your subscription for LinkedIn, and click to choose Cancel Subscription.
how to cancel linkedin premium subscription on Apple Mac

Cancel Your LinkedIn Premium Subscription Through Mac

  • Open iTunes.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Now navigate to Account and tap View My Account.
  • Authenticate your Apple ID if its ask for security purpose. 
  • Now click the “Settings” section, choose “Manage” to the right of “Subscriptions.”
  • Find LinkedIn subscription, and click on “Edit.”
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription.”

Things to Keep in Mind on LinkedIn Premium Subscription

  • All subscribed LinkedIn Premium features will expire at the end of the billing date.
  • To avoid being charged for the next billing cycle, you should cancel the premium at least one day before it starts.
  • Deleting your payment method will only be possible at the end of the billing cycle.
  • All the InMail credits you have will be lost at the end of your billing cycle and it won’t carry forward if you extent LinkedIn Premium subscription.

If you sign up for a free trial and then cancel it, you won’t be eligible to sign up for another free trial for at least 12 months.

LinkedIn Growth

LinkedIn is one of the most professional social media platforms which are so effective in B2B sales and marketing. It’s the only place where professionals can interact about their business, connect with business leaders, and anyone who can search for a job in their specialized industry. LinkedIn growth rate is increasing as of now and by the end of 2023, we expect there to be 68.8 million users access LinkedIn, forecasting by eMarketer.

If you own a company or job aspirant or professional who steps into this working world, it’s important that you have a properly optimized LinkedIn profile. The profile should have a significant amount of connections, sharing content and asking suggestions or tips from industry experts will increase your profile value.

What is LinkedIn social selling index score?

Social selling is all about organically creating a conversation of your products or services that can often lead to sales conversations without any of the traditional sales pitchings.

LinkedIn social selling index (SSI) score is provided by LinkedIn based on how effectively you establish your professional brand, find the right audience, and engage with insights and build relationships with industry experts as long as. This is known as your Social Selling Index score. The LinkedIn SSI score tool ranges from 0 to 100. LinkedIn Sales navigator SSI score checking tool is to analyse your profile and provide a mark out of 100.

The Social Selling Index score was only available to those who subscribed to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool in earlier days. But the changes in LinkedIn strategy now it’s opened for anyone who has a LinkedIn account to check out their unique Social Selling Index score. The main reason for limited access to everyone is to expand this sales navigator tool subscription. 

How LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score Measured?

Your Social selling index score on LinkedIn algorithm is measured by four important key factors

  1. Establishing a Personal Brand
  2. Finding The Right People
  3. Engaging With Insights
  4. Building Relationships

Establishing a Personal Brand

For personal branding, you have to optimize your profile completely with the headline, summary, and experience details. Endorsements of others skills and getting recommendations from co-workers will boost your LinkedIn profile. Regularly post relevant articles about your industry news, curated from trusted sources or an original blog-like post using the “post an article” feature. 

Finding The Right People

Grow your LinkedIn connections and build strong relationships with them. LinkedIn has search terms and tools to find ideal profiles to build better connections. You can also do this by organically, reaching out to decision-makers with engaging, insightful content. Joining groups and engaging with users who have viewed your profile will help you build a relevant network.

Engaging With Insights

Insights are mainly a function of LinkedIn Premium accounts, so you’re unlikely to score high unless you’re willing to pay. It measures and scores based on posts that you’re sharing. It scores the number of Likes, Shares, and Comments your posts receive, as well as your incoming and outgoing Direct Messages. You can also increase your SSI score by engaging with content that your connections post.

Building Relationships

Build a relationship with your industry’s top leaders and influencers because according to LinkedIn, 73% of B2B buyers prefer to interact with sales professionals who have been referred by someone in their professional network. Metrics include your people searches, how many profiles you view, and how many days you’ve been active.

If you want to establish yourself as a knowledgeable professional, share insightful content and interacting with your network, so that your SSI score is likely to continue to rise. 

LinkedIn SSI Score Check Link

To check out your SSI score, just logged into your LinkedIn account and then follow this link.

LinkedIn Statistics

With over 660 million users in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social media networks that provide wide opportunities for marketers who looking to target audiences with all business categories.

  • 92% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn
  • 77% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to hire.
  • 46% of Social Media traffic is coming to B2B company sites.
  • LinkedIn InMail has a 300% Higher Response Rate than normal Email.
  • LinkedIn is 277% More Effective for Lead Generation
  • 310 million monthly active users a month and spends 17 minutes on the platform per month.
Linkedin-User-Statistics-2019 - Social-Singam

LinkedIn Growth Rate in 2023

According to the new report from the leading marketing research firm eMarketer, the LinkedIn platform is growing faster than we expected. In 2019, the number of monthly U.S. LinkedIn users increased by 8.8% which is higher than the previous year’s estimate was just over 7%. This year, we may expect that there will be around 62.1 million U.S adult LinkedIn users which will grow 4.2% in 2021 that is 64.7 million. By the end of 2023, we expect there to be 68.8 million users access LinkedIn, forecasting by eMarketer. 

LinkedIn for B2B Businesses

These new stats are based on updated membership data from parent-company Microsoft and other sources. For businesses on LinkedIn, user growth could be increasing because of ad performance and content engagement. The Microsoft-owned network has been steadily improving and targeting new business features and format options over the past few years.

Revenue wise, this business social platform continues to grow, mainly from B2B advertisers. This 2020, LinkedIn will see around $1.59 billion in ad revenues which is growing more 11.2% to $1.77 billion in 2021.


eMarketer principal analyst Jillian Ryan said, “LinkedIn continues to innovate its platform and offerings for both users and advertisers.” 

“Although, when compared with social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn can be considered a slower follow, the social network has recently launched features like LinkedIn Live and Events,” she said. “While these new experiences aren’t unique to LinkedIn, the use cases for professional audiences can be differentiators for maintaining current users and attracting new ones.”