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June 18, 2024

How to Check Social Selling Index Score on LinkedIn

How to Check Social Selling Index Score on LinkedIn-social-singam

LinkedIn Growth

LinkedIn is one of the most professional social media platforms which are so effective in B2B sales and marketing. It’s the only place where professionals can interact about their business, connect with business leaders, and anyone who can search for a job in their specialized industry. LinkedIn growth rate is increasing as of now and by the end of 2023, we expect there to be 68.8 million users access LinkedIn, forecasting by eMarketer.

If you own a company or job aspirant or professional who steps into this working world, it’s important that you have a properly optimized LinkedIn profile. The profile should have a significant amount of connections, sharing content and asking suggestions or tips from industry experts will increase your profile value.

What is LinkedIn social selling index score?

Social selling is all about organically creating a conversation of your products or services that can often lead to sales conversations without any of the traditional sales pitchings.

LinkedIn social selling index (SSI) score is provided by LinkedIn based on how effectively you establish your professional brand, find the right audience, and engage with insights and build relationships with industry experts as long as. This is known as your Social Selling Index score. The LinkedIn SSI score tool ranges from 0 to 100. LinkedIn Sales navigator SSI score checking tool is to analyse your profile and provide a mark out of 100.

The Social Selling Index score was only available to those who subscribed to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool in earlier days. But the changes in LinkedIn strategy now it’s opened for anyone who has a LinkedIn account to check out their unique Social Selling Index score. The main reason for limited access to everyone is to expand this sales navigator tool subscription. 

How LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score Measured?

Your Social selling index score on LinkedIn algorithm is measured by four important key factors

  1. Establishing a Personal Brand
  2. Finding The Right People
  3. Engaging With Insights
  4. Building Relationships

Establishing a Personal Brand

For personal branding, you have to optimize your profile completely with the headline, summary, and experience details. Endorsements of others skills and getting recommendations from co-workers will boost your LinkedIn profile. Regularly post relevant articles about your industry news, curated from trusted sources or an original blog-like post using the “post an article” feature. 

Finding The Right People

Grow your LinkedIn connections and build strong relationships with them. LinkedIn has search terms and tools to find ideal profiles to build better connections. You can also do this by organically, reaching out to decision-makers with engaging, insightful content. Joining groups and engaging with users who have viewed your profile will help you build a relevant network.

Engaging With Insights

Insights are mainly a function of LinkedIn Premium accounts, so you’re unlikely to score high unless you’re willing to pay. It measures and scores based on posts that you’re sharing. It scores the number of Likes, Shares, and Comments your posts receive, as well as your incoming and outgoing Direct Messages. You can also increase your SSI score by engaging with content that your connections post.

Building Relationships

Build a relationship with your industry’s top leaders and influencers because according to LinkedIn, 73% of B2B buyers prefer to interact with sales professionals who have been referred by someone in their professional network. Metrics include your people searches, how many profiles you view, and how many days you’ve been active.

If you want to establish yourself as a knowledgeable professional, share insightful content and interacting with your network, so that your SSI score is likely to continue to rise. 

LinkedIn SSI Score Check Link

To check out your SSI score, just logged into your LinkedIn account and then follow this link.

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