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April 12, 2024

How to Use LinkedIn’s Latest Features to Generate More Leads – Freelancers Guide


Freelancers Guide to Generate More Leads From LinkedIn

The world is slowly adopting work from culture during this pandemic situation, many of the professionals looking for freelance jobs after their full-time work. LinkedIn reports a rise in engagement of job applications for various vacancies in this world’s top job searching portal. Professionals consider their next opportunity, and businesses seek expert help to guide their planning. Linkedin now has 774 million profiles and every second three more people signup for a Linkedin account which is a record for five consecutive quarters. 

For the increase of freelancers, LinkedIn introduced various new features to help ensure your presence stands out in the crowd, connect the business owners and decision-makers most effectively. 

Here are the top three important new LinkedIn features that can help boost your platform performance and generate more qualified leads in this social media platform effectively. 

1. LinkedIn Service Page

What is a LinkedIn Service Page?

LinkedIn Service Pages are dedicated landing pages that advertise your company’s services for free. In 2019, LinkedIn added Services listings on freelancer profiles, but it recently changed its display options to make it an even more valuable consideration.

Here’s an example of Matt Navarra‘s LinkedIn services page:

LinkedIn Service Page of Matt Navarra

You can see the updated Services page format that contains a more specific focus area on the services offered, as well as a new ‘Reviews’, and invite option to write reviews from past clients option to display customer testimonials.

It provides a free LinkedIn Services listing that will showcase your business offerings, and help you reach potential clients.

A Services page: 

  • Helps you get found through service searches on LinkedIn.
  • Connects you with LinkedIn members looking for your services.
  • Enables potential clients to contact you for free, even if you’re not connected.
  • Enables you to receive business inquiries from LinkedIn members outside of your network.

Here’s a Virginia Bautista’s LinkedIn Service Page

LinkedIn Service Page of Virginia Bautista

Tips to maximize your free LinkedIn Service Page:

  • Choose up to 10 services that you provide.
  • Complete the ‘About’ section to show your potential clients know more about what you offer (use up to 500 characters).
  • Add work location – You can choose your current location as well as the option “I am available to work remotely”
  • Once you’ve set up your LinkedIn Service Page, share it as a post to let your network know you’re #OpenForBusiness or share it in a message. 

Want to know how to set up your own LinkedIn Services page, check LinkedIn’s official help page.

2. LinkedIn Service Page Reviews

As previously said, LinkedIn recently added a new ‘Reviews’ section to its Services page options, which helps you to showcase positive client reviews, which boosts your profile, and it’s another way to promote your services.

LinkedIn initially provides 20 free credits to invite your past clients to review your services via the process (this will ensure people are not inundated with review requests on the platform). 

Here it’s how the ‘invite to review’ feature looks: 

LinkedIn Service Page Reviews

Tips to maximize your LinkedIn Service Page Reviews:

  • You’re allowed to invite up to 20 requests for clients to review your services.
  • You can withdraw a sent ‘invite to review’ and get the credit back, enabling you to invite another client instead
  • Check the ‘Service Page Reviews Status’ to manage your review invitations. You can also message them to remind them about the review request, or as noted, you can withdraw the invite. 

3. LinkedIn Video Meetings

LinkedIn also recently introduced a new native video meeting option, which enables you to start a video conversation directly from your LinkedIn message threads. Users can use this feature to instantly hold face-to-face video meetings with their clients that build trust.

LinkedIn Video Meeting

Tips to maximize native LinkedIn Video Meetings:

  • As of now, this native LinkedIn video meetings feature enables you to host one-on-one video chats, and soon they plan to host group video meetings feature.
  • Send an instant meeting link or schedule a meeting for another date.

For group video meetings, you can choose from other video meeting platforms supported by LinkedIn, including Microsoft Teams or Zoom.


If you’re a skilled professional with a properly optimized LinkedIn Profile who is looking to maximize your opportunities, it’s worth taking advantage of these LinkedIn tools, and showcase your skills and expertise to clients.

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