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May 6, 2024
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You Can Now Add 5 Links to Your Instagram Profile Bio

multiple links in instagram bio

Instagram Bio Link Feature

Instagram rolled out one of its most requested feature updates to its users. Instagram users now can include up to five links in their bio using the mobile app’s profile editing feature. They can customize the titles and the order in which the links will appear. This features challenges LinktreeBeacons and other “link in bio” solution providers.

As per Instagram:

“Starting today, the update will make it easier for creators and other users to highlight their passions, bring awareness to causes they care about, promote brands they love, showcase their personal business, and more.” 

Instagram said this feature directs followers to various content (e.g., online businesses, promoted brands, supported causes, and profiles on rival social platforms).

Instagram Bio Link Feature

From the above screenshots, this is how your Instagram bio will showcase the number of links accessible via profile linking. Once clicked, users can view a Linktree-style summary of the diverse link alternatives that you have authorized.

During initial trials, there were no problems linking to competing platforms like TikTok or YouTube. Additionally, Instagram presents users with a separate linking option to connect their Facebook profiles, featuring a sleek rounded Facebook icon and accompanying text. However, external links don’t have any exclusive customizations, such as small icons.

How To Add Links to Instagram Bio

To add multiple links to your Instagram profile, go to ‘Edit profile’ > ‘Links’ > ‘Add external link’. From there, you can drag and drop to order your links as you’d like them to appear in the app.

The links are not open in a new window of the browser but within the Instagram app. Users who want to open the link in a built-in browser, like Safari or Chrome, just tap the three-dot menu at the top of the page and select open in the system browser.

This meta-owned photo-sharing social network has also added a dedicated place for trending audio and hashtags, two new metrics to Reels insights, and brought gifts on Reels to more countries. Creators now can see what the top trending topics and hashtags are on Reels.

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