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How To Turn On and Turn Off Link History on Instagram

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Meta has introduced a new “Link History” feature, claiming it facilitates easy retrieval of previously visited links. However, given the company’s track record of questionable data collection practices, it’s reasonable to question potential hidden motives. In this blog post, we provide comprehensive information on how to turn on and off Instagram link history.

Meta’s Link History Feature

When activated, the Link History feature in Facebook and Instagram apps records every clicked link and stores it in a designated repository. According to Meta, this functionality aims to facilitate the easy retrieval of previously visited links, although the company remains silent on its potential for gathering browsing behavior data.

Meta asserts that Link History enhances user convenience in rediscovering content, ensuring you “never lose a link again.” However, similar to past privacy settings, opting out requires navigating through multiple steps, subtly encouraging users to keep it enabled by default. Many users are often unaware of such default settings, leading them to unintentionally leave them unchanged.

Link History Privacy Concerns

Recent reports indicate that Meta has consistently monitored the links users click on. Meta’s apps, including Facebook and Instagram, have their built-in browsers, meaning links clicked within these apps don’t open the device’s default browser, potentially enabling tracking of visited websites. Link history makes this data tracking aspect more apparent. According to Meta, enabling link history allows the company to use your information for enhancing ads across its technologies.

Facebook states it will delete Link History when the setting is turned off (within up to 90 days), but it remains unclear whether other records are retained. With Link History being enabled by default, users gain increased visibility into Facebook’s link-tracking practices.

What is Instagram Link History?

Link history on Instagram comprises a record of websites visited using the in-app mobile browser within the past 30 days. Users have the option to toggle link history on or off as desired. With link history enabled, visited links within Instagram’s in-app mobile browser are stored for 30 days, excluding those accessed in chats. It’s important to note that when link history is active, the information may be utilized to enhance ads across Meta technologies.

Steps to Turn On Link History on Instagram

  1. Tap any of the link inside the Instagram app to open it on Instagram’s in-app browser.
  2. Tap  (three-dotted) in the top right, then tap Browser settings.
  3. To turn on link history, tap toggle on to Allow link history, then tap Allow to confirm.

Steps to Turn Off Link History on Instagram

  1. Tap any link inside the Instagram app to open it on Instagram’s in-app browser.
  2. Tap  (three-dotted) in the top right, then tap Browser settings.
  3. To turn off link history, tap toggle off to Allow link history, then tap Don’t allow to confirm.

Follow the same steps to turn off or unhide link history in both the Android and iOS Instagram apps.

How to Check Link History on Instagram

  1. Open Your Instagram Account Settings 
  2. Tap the “Your Activity” section
  3. Go to the bottom and link “Link History”
  4. Now you can see all the links you visited during the last 30 days.

How to Delete Link History on Instagram

  • Follow the above check link history steps and there you will find recently visited links details one by one. 
  • Now you can delete the links whichever you want or clear all once at a time.

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