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June 18, 2024
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Meta shutting down Messenger Lite app for Android in September 2023

Facebook Messenger Lite Logo with a Text of Messenger Lite Shutting Down

Messenger Lite App

Messenger Lite was introduced in October 2016, primarily targeting less powerful Android devices. While it later became accessible on all phones, Meta has decided to shut down Messenger Lite app in September.

As per 9 to 5 Google:

“For some, opening the app today reveals a fullscreen “use Messenger to keep chatting” prompt. There will be no impact on conversation history: ‘We know your chats are important to you, so everything from Messenger Lite is still available in Messenger.’”

Say goodbye to Messenger Lite! It will not be available after Sep 18.

The app is no longer accessible for new users on the Play Store, although it remains downloadable for those who have used it before.

“Commencing August 21, individuals using the Android-based Messenger Lite app will be directed towards Messenger or FB Lite for sending and receiving messages on Messenger,” as conveyed by a Meta spokesperson in an email to TechCrunch.

Initially introduced by Meta (formerly Facebook) in 2016, Lite version for messenger for Android catered to users with less powerful devices. The app streamlined the core features of Messenger to conserve storage and processing resources.

While Messenger Lite had a counterpart for iOS, the company shut down its availability in 2020 itself.

Facebook Lite Messenger Features

Comparing both messengers, if you use the full FB Messenger app, you’ll also encounter various features and products from Facebook. This includes links for ordering items and even accessing Meta Quest.

When it comes to performance, the app works well on flagship devices, and we hope it does the same on all devices today. The app size is 54MB, which is larger compared to the previous selling point of Lite Messenger as “less than 10MB to download.” Some of the advantages of the app are:

  • “Saves data. It loads quickly, runs efficiently, and uses less mobile data.”
  • “Works everywhere. You can reach people even when your internet connection is slow or unstable.”

According to data from mobile analytics firm data.ai, combined global downloads of the Lite app versions neared 760 million. India held the largest share, followed by Brazil and Indonesia. In terms of lifetime downloads, the United States ranked eighth.

This news arrives in the wake of Meta’s recent announcement that Messenger will discontinue SMS support next month. Users were informed that, following the app update after September 28, 2023, they “will no longer be able to use Messenger as your default messaging app on Android.”

Meta is actively seeking opportunities to cut costs across its operations, and it’s plausible that Messenger Lite, being less frequently utilized, no longer justifies the investment.

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