What is Douyin App?

Douyin is a Chinese version of TikTok that allows users to create, edit and share short videos and live streams with lots of filters, effects, audio, and music. This app contains many short-form user videos, from genres like trending music, dance, entertainment, pranks, stunts, tricks, sports, vlogs, jokes, and more with durations from 15 seconds to ten minutes. 

Douyin was launched under the name of A.me before rebranding to Douyin (抖音 literally “shaking sound” in Chinese) in December 2016. Douyin app was developed in 200 days and within a year it hit 100 million users and more than one billion videos viewed every day. 

Douyin App User Statistics

TikTok is an international version of Douyin, which was originally released in the Chinese market in September 2016 by ByteDance(TikTok) owner Zhang Yiming. After that only TikTok was launched in 2017 outside of China for iOS and Android. After merging with another Chinese short video social media platform, Musical.ly, on 2 August 2018, it became so popular and available worldwide.

How To Download Douyin or Chinese TikTok

You can download this Douyin social media app direct from their official website by scanning the QR code or installing the package on your device. This Douyin Chinese app is available for PC, smart tv, iOS, and Android app store.

Download Douyin App

iPhone users can download the Douyin app by using this link – https://apps.apple.com/cn/app/%E6%8A%96%E9%9F%B3/id1142110895

Chinese Android users download the Douyin APK here – https://s.toutiao.com/UsMYE/

Download Douyin PC version (抖音电脑版) – https://www.douyin.com/downloadpage/pc

If you are in china and you want to use TikTok, you can download this app on the TikTok website straightway.

Is Douyin the Same As TikTok?

Even though both the Tiktok and Douyin china (抖音中国版) platforms are owned by the same Chinese tech company Bytedance, both have a very similar user interface but no access to each other apps content and features completely different. The main difference is users can’t interact with each other. The Chinese and international versions of this TikTok app douyin have very different registration processes, policies, and content. The same search words result in completely different content and profiles on both apps but it is very successful due to their algorithms that recommend content to their users on the “For You” page.

Their servers are based in the market where the respective app is available. Douyin contains an in-video search feature that can search by people’s faces for more videos of them and this app also have features such as booking hotels, purchasing products, and making geo-tagged reviews. Also, Douyin app offers to send messages to other users so that you can use it as a messaging app.

It doesn’t matter whether the product is localized. Our strategy is to globalize products and localize content” – Owner’s of Tiktok/Douyin

Recently TikTok is the top preferred search engine option for Gen Z users. While speaking at Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2022 in July, Google’s Senior Vice President told that the company has its eye on TikTok: “In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search. For DouYin in 2022 Q1, it established a search engine with 550 million active users.

Difference Between Douyin and TikTok

Douyin vs TikTok
Source – Adchina io

Users Comparison and Video Creation on Douyin vs TikTok

TikTok – As of June 2022, TikTok U.S. users aged between 10-19 have a Tiktok account which is 37.2% of whole users of this app and 64% of users are under 30 years old. So we can call it a Teen App because the content is mainly shared by these young people daily, with native content being the mainstream. Generally speaking, young people in Europe and the United States tend to be cool, Middle Eastern users show off their wealth, and Southeast Asia looks simpler and rustic.

Top 5 most followed TikTok accounts

  1. Khaby Lame
  2. Charli D’Amelio
  3. Bella Poarch
  4. Addison Rae
  5. Will Smith

Douyin – Compared to TikTok, Douyin has become a universal app in mainland China. With the rapid-fire growth of users, another significant change in Douyin is reflected in the content position, which is also changing towards a more mainstream and diversified direction.

Initially, TikTok’s video length is just 15 seconds after the tremendous growth in usage they extended the post videos length up to 3 minutes and now users can upload videos of up to 10 minutes. 

The longest video Douyin’s international edition (抖音国际版) can post is a 15-minute video.

Content on TikTok vs Douyin

TikTok (Douyin – 抖音)algorithms are 10x more powerful and addictive than other social media platforms. The most popular posts shown on your profile are completely different between the two platforms (Douyin vs Tiktok). Douyin videos are more focused and content-driven than TikTok. This Chinese international version of Tiktok’s most videos has a computerized automated voice that narrates in Chinese. In contrast, TikTok generally relies on the creators explaining their own videos which given a trend, and many TikTok celebrities, singers, dancers, and artists become famous through this.  

Douyin provides a wide variety of videos all on the recommended pages that include film, music, skills, health tips, foods, pets, travel, television clips, etc. Whereas TikTok gives more priority to pushing content from various regions through big data algorithms.

But in Douyin search fully depends on keywords, the more fans and likes the account ranks on top, and the keywords of pushing more views to your videos. 

Live Stream on Douyin vs Tiktok

Livestream videos are more popular in the Chinese e-commerce industry, and Douyin is on top of that. A small tv icon on the top left corner of the app screen directs users to its live broadcast feature. The live feature will help to build brand awareness, for small businesses looking to promote content and sell their products directly.

TikTok also offers live streaming features but it’s also popular among its users. 

In a recent survey,

  • 50% of TikTok users purchase after watching Tiktok live. 
  • 50% of users are more interested in branded live content than normal TikTok users. 
  • 1 in 5 live streaming users watch TikTok LIVE and of that group, 62% watch it every day. 

Recently July 2022, TikTok Drops Plans for Expanding Live-Stream Shopping in the US.

TikTok vs Douyin Comparison

In-app Purchases: Douyin vs Tiktok

One of the most notable features of Douyin is its in-app store which helps the user to purchase just a tap away. Users can Purchase small cosmetics items to larger home appliances products like Facebook marketplace products. So that many companies use user-generated ads and directly link products to their profile. 

KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) feature products on their “suggested products” page. They also have links to the affiliated Taobao Store or the in-app Douyin store on their profile.

In contrast, TikTok KOLs cannot access the “suggested products” feature and may only mention the sponsored products or attach a link in their Tiktok profile bio.


While Douyin and TikTok are both short-form video platforms but they are very different from a social media marketing viewpoint. The major differences between these two are market region and content. Both the apps are good features in their own way which surely helps to build brand awareness, and promote your products, services, and content.

Edit Tweet Feature

Twitter recently launched the first stage of live testing of the ‘Edit Tweet’ feature which is the top most requested feature by Twitter users in very long years. Edit Tweet is a feature that helps people make changes to their Tweets if there are any typos, missed tags, images, videos, and other facts missing within 30 minutes after its published. 

The edit tweet function is tested internally by the Twitter developers team and will be rolling out for Twitter Blue subscribers later this month. Twitter Blue currently costs $4.99 per month.

Now, this service is available for only selected Twitter Blue users and that too in the USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand regions users. So India and other country users will wait for a few more months to get this awesome feature.

How does Twitter Edit Feature Work?

“For this test, Tweets will be able to be edited a few times in the 30 minutes following their publication. Edited Tweets will appear with an icon, timestamp, and label so it’s clear to readers that the original Tweet has been modified. Tapping the label will take viewers to the Tweet’s Edit History, which includes past versions of the Tweet.”

Edit Tweet Samples

An edited tweet will have a label, icon, and timestamp to notify the user that it has been modified, and so that users can tap the label to view the tweet’s edit history and that past versions of the tweet. The main reason for a time limit and tweet edit history is publicly accessible to protect the integrity of the conversation. 

Back in July, Twitter announced a 67% price increase for Twitter Blue subscriptions. So this Tweet edit feature could see overall Blue revenue jump as a result. 

Can I Edit All My Old Tweets?

No. Twitter will not let you edit your old tweets. You will only be able to do multiple edits on a tweet up to 30 minutes after it is posted. 

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Watermarks on YouTube Shorts Video

The world’s top video platform YouTube introduced new features and updates for shorts creators and viewers. They keenly watched the YouTube shorts video’s performance and launched a new feature called Watermarks on Downloaded Shorts. This helps to stop users from re-posting YouTube Shorts clips to other social media apps. 

If you’re a YouTube video content creator who downloads your own Shorts from YouTube Studio to share across other social platforms, you’ll now find a watermark added to your downloaded shorts video.

This feature is completely rolling out over the next few weeks on desktop, and also they plan to expand this to the mobile user over the upcoming months.

As explained by YouTube:

“If you’re a creator who downloads your Shorts from YouTube Studio to share across other platforms, you’ll now find a watermark added to your downloaded content. We’ve added a watermark to the Shorts you download so your viewers can see that the content you’re sharing across platforms can be found on YouTube Shorts.”

This is a good initiative from youtube and very useful for cross-promotion. But the real struggle is mainly for creators because sharing watermark videos could be penalized on other social apps. The real goal might look like restricting quick video sharing throughout apps, which allows you to make it a bit more difficult for creators to certainly re-submit their Shorts to Reels or TikTok as well, as a method to construct their presence in every app.

It’s well worth noting each TikTok and Reels additionally consists of watermarks on downloaded clips, a good way to limit the same, so it’s now no longer unexpected to look at YouTube and take a comparable approach. But still, it’s any other attention – and with the present-day system making it so smooth to simply re-publish your brief clips throughout every app, a form of low-attempt baiting procedure, to look what you may get as a result, it’s any other strategic attention for creators.

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Stickers on Pinterest Boards

Pinterest has added another option to drive more traffic from your Idea Pins with lots of new Board Sticker options that enables you to highlight a specific Pinterest board via your Idea Pins in the app. The Idea Pins were originally called Story Pins but to avoid confusion with similar features on existing social media platforms and to give a better intention behind this new Pinterest product, the name changed to Idea Pins. 

Pinterest Board Sticker

In the above image shared by influencer marketing analyst Lindsey Gamble, the new Board Sticker is now available to some ios Pinterest app users in the sticker tray within the Idea Pin creation flow. By tapping on that, you’ll be able to choose from your existing boards to link to, with various display formats for your Board Sticker, texts, and music, and add to your frame.

That Pinterest stickers will link users directly go to your dedicated topic board, which could help to highlight more of your Pin content and drive more referral traffic from those links.

Creators can add up to 5 board stickers per image & add up to 20 board stickers max in an Idea Pin. So you’re not restricted to a single sticker per frame. Creators can able to tag any public board they own, but they can’t tag private boards or other creators’ boards.

This could be the best way to highlight specific products or services that you offer, via direct links back to your bigger display of Pins, to further highlight your offerings. 

The main intention of the added Pinterest stickers link on the boards could also help to drive more clicks, and with the holiday season presto approaching, it may be worth mapping out, say, a Christmas gift idea board, which you could also link to in unborn Idea Leg sweats. 

At present, the option is only available to selected users on iOS. Though it’s not available to everyone just yet. So, SocialMediaToday experts asked Pinterest for further word on the rollout of the option, and they will update this post when they hear back. 

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular global mobile messenger apps all over the world with nearly two billion monthly active users it is the most preferred chat app on everyone’s phone to interact with friends, families, and professionals through chat, audio, and video calls. You can also share stories, documents, and live locations, and send and receive money to your WhatsApp contacts.

Read, WhatsApp Statistics & Facts

For this reason, the Meta-owned messaging platform keeps adding many new features on its Android and iOS devices to provide its customers with a smooth and easier messaging experience. But the lesser-known feature is pinned chat on WhatsApp. 

What is WhatsApp Pinned Chat?

The Pinned Chat feature on Whatsapp allows you to pin chats on the top of your chat list so that you don’t want to scroll down or search for the chat on the Search bar. You can pin up to 3 of the most important chats on your profile.

With pinned chats, you never have to worry about scrolling through the long list of conversations to text your family members or your best friend. Users can now pin up to three of the most important group or individual chats to the top of their chat list for easy access – simply tap and hold a chat, and then tap the pin icon at the top of your screen,” noted WhatsApp in a press statement.

Pinning a chat on WhatsApp is easy for both mobile(android and ios) and desktop versions. Here is a step-by-step guide to pin and unpin chats on WhatsApp.

How to Pin a WhatsApp Chat on Android

  • Open your WhatsApp account on your Android device.
  • On the chat tab press and hold the chat you want to pin.
  • Now it will display options like Pin, Delete, Mute, and Archive.
  • Select the Pin icon on the given options.
  • Once done, it will remain on the top always.

Like this, you can add a maximum of 3 chats pinned on your WhatsApp profile whether it’s a personal chat or a group chat. There are some other third-party apps that allow you to pin up to 10 chats. If you want to pin more chats on top of your WhatsApp, download GB Whatsapp on your phone and use it.

How to Pin Chats on an iOS Device

Follow the below steps to Pin a chat using your iPhone.

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • Now, swipe right on the chat you want to pin.
  • It will display options like Pin, Delete, Mute, and Archive icons at the top right corner of the screen.
  • From the given options, tap the Pin icon..

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How To Pin Chat on WhatsApp Web

  • Open WhatsApp on the web, and choose the chat or conversation you want to pin.
  • Now, either right-click on the chat or click on the downward pointing arrow that shows when you hover over the chat with your mouse.
  • Click on “Pin Chat” from the list of options that pop up.
  • Now the chat will be pinned to the top of your list.

How To Unpin WhatsApp Chat

You can also unpin your pinned chat at any time with the below simple steps.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Android users: Tap and hold the pinned chat, then tap Unpin chat.
  • iPhone users: Swipe right on the pinned chat, then tap Unpin.

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Instagram is the most popular and top most used social media platform in the world which is mainly used for photo and video sharing purposes. It reached two billion active users in Q3 2021 and it will reach 2.5 billion by 2023. You can share posts, create quick Instagram stories, make reels, start live videos, Direct message options, take pictures using various exciting filters and importantly make video or voice calls. 

The tone you receive when you have a notification on Instagram is the default alert tone for your phone. You might be bored of the regular notification sounds of the Instagram message, audio, and video calls? then here it’s a simple steps to change your Instagram audio and video call notification sounds within a minute without third-party apps.

How to Change Instagram Voice and Video Call Ringtone 

Instagram does not have an in-app option to change alert tone but you can change your Instagram call ringtone by following these steps even though you tried inside the insta app it opens on the mobile’s system settings.

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Open your profile and go to Settings
  • Click Notifications
  • Tap Messages and Calls
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select additional options in the system settings
  • Tap Instagram Direct Video Chat
  • Go to Sounds/Ringtones 
  • Now choose and set your favorite ringtone as video and voice call notification sound
Change Instagram Notification Sound

How to Change Instagram Audio and Video Call Notification Sound on Mobile Settings

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap the Apps Management section and expand to see all apps.
  • Now, open Instagram and then open Notifications.
  • Choose Instagram Direct Video Chat 
  • Tap Sound and select any of the system or local sounds as your wish.

All set! Now you can hear the notification sound that you set when someone calls either video or audio. 

This blog only explains how to change the notification sound for calls but we can change the notification sound for Instagram likes, comments, mentions, new followers requests, live videos, and much more. This Instagram app notification sound set procedure is the same for both Android and iPhones.

Thank you for reading hope this article would help you to change the alert sound for all your Instagram notifications and feel free to ask a question or suggest some additional information about Instagram features that we missed.

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Social media refers to online platforms which people use to interact, communicate, and share their ideas. The famous social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. 

These platforms allow a user to communicate with his followers through frequent social media posts, comments, and activities. Currently, all social media platforms are observing traffic of 4.6 billion, which constitutes 63% of the world population.

Social Media Platforms Usage Overview
Source: Hootsuite

Athletes, film stars, businessmen, and notable people all around the world are using social media to gain more followers and a target audience. This directly translates into more significant societal influence and celebrity status. 

Brands and businesses all over the world hire influencers with a large number of followers to promote their products. They have become an integral part of modern marketing strategies. 77% of marketers admitted to using Facebook and Instagram retargeting posts to generate more sales. 

In short, be it personal branding or product selling, social media posting is what you need to focus on. The better your social media presence and interaction posts on social media would be very helpful in reaching the top.

The Guide to Creating Engaging Social Media Content

Social media is a platform that cannot be controlled. People only watch what they like, or they scroll to another post of their choice. To get the viewer’s attention, your posting should be up to date conforming to popular trends and well-accepted styles. 

Here is how you can create fun engaging posts for social media posts.

Don’t Describe, Reveal

Humans always choose visuals over the content. It is a part of the human psyche. The visuals are easy to relate to and process. The prime example of that is the difference in the number of people buying novels and watching movies. The audience of cinema is multiple times greater because it is a visual medium.

Similarly, to attract the masses you have to post frequent photos. Instead of posting an article on the benefits of your soap, you should post a picture with small bullet points highlighting its features. The post with pictures would get higher viewership.

Here you Can learn that the most liked Facebook posts are all pictures.

Post-Real-Time Photos

People like social media posts with which they can connect. Although photo-shopped or stock images can be used for good, they come in second place when compared with real-time photos.

A story or post containing real-time images is very easy to relate to. People can picture you being there and become interested in knowing the details. A real image intrigues people to know more about themselves.

As per marketing data, visitors who see real-time photos are 35% more likely to sign up for your brand page. This shows the power of the human experience.

Always Prefer Graphics Over a Number

While describing numbers to prove your point, you should always use graphics. People don’t spend much time on a single social media post. It isn’t easy to analyze the figurative comparisons in 3-10 seconds. 

The better approach is to use graphics. The graph can be a bar graph or a pie graph. With a graph, they can instantly understand the trend which you are using to prove your point.

Understand The Audience

Before posting you should know your target audience. This allows you to write words that people can instantly feel connected to. This generates a greater response and people feel at ease while talking with or about you.

The writing style for a post celebrating Real Madrid winning the champions league and Joe Biden becoming US President would be altogether different. At first, you require informal language showing euphoria while later you have to write in a more informative style.

Follow the Latest Social Media Trends

The trends are your best friends. They teach you exactly what to post. Whenever a trend is on top, it becomes the talk of the town. All you need is to post something about that, and people would start discussing that on your account.

This allows social media marketers a window to attract more crowds. Whenever you join your product description or promotional package with updated trends. People are inclined to take notice. After that, it is your responsibility to translate that response into sales.

Use Right Hashtags

Hashtags help search engines to recognize your post. With the right hashtag choice, you can connect to your target audience which is searching for the same thing.

As per data, tweets with hashtags get 57% more tweets. The brands have observed a 55% increment in engagement with the right hashtags. Therefore, it is important to work on trending hashtags and then incorporate them into your post.

Be one of their own

People only follow you when they find common ground. Therefore, it is important to act like you are one of them. Your post should use relatable language.

The unnecessary verbose brings down your visibility. People don’t have time to consult a dictionary just to know their views on a topic. So always be simple, it would get more attention.  

Create Unique Content with AI Tool

Many people struggle to write in an engaging tone. The Paraphrasing tool uses advanced AI to rewrite your original draft and convert it into exciting content. They can increase the readability of our content in a matter of a few clicks. Every social media user should use these tools to generate user-friendly content.

Benefits of Social Media Posting

We have discussed the need for social media posting. To further prove our point, consider the following benefits that engaging social media content can offer.

  • It builds your personal and brand identity
  • It provides a chance to create a loyal fan base
  • It helps in influencing others
  • It makes you connect with people of your choice
  • It assists you in creating trends
  • For consumer products, it gives you a medium to engage the audience from every part of the world
  • It provides an opportunity to express your thoughts
  • It generates more sales leads
  • It gives instant customer feedback
  • It connects people with your brand
  • Makes the customer journey smooth and direct

Hope these points are bit enough to encourage you to pay attention to your social media posts.

Final Words

We are living in the age of social media. It has emerged as the greatest public platform where people of all cultures, casts, and colors interact with each other. To stand out among them, you need to publish engaging social media posts.

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Importance of LinkedIn for Students and Job Seekers

LinkedIn is a professional network social media platform designed to help students and employees make business connections, connect with industry experts, share their skills & work experiences, and showcase their resumes to find and apply for jobs globally. College students can use LinkedIn to establish a professional online presence, which is more important for getting jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform with more than 830 million users and is used in 200+ countries. So as a college student, you should have a solid professional LinkedIn account and resume to display your skills, post-academic updates, technical area of interest, certification details, and interact with industry experts and potential employers.

LinkedIn’s basic account access is free, but premium subscriptions offer extra features and tools to help you land a job, grow a business, follow leads, and hire talents. LinkedIn offers a one-month free trial of premium subscriptions with different and you can cancel your LinkedIn subscription at any time if you’re not interested to access it anymore.

Here are the top seven reasons why every college student should be on LinkedIn.

  1. Stay Connected and Get Hired
  2. Apply For Jobs
  3. Join Professional Groups
  4. Connecting with Professionals
  5. Ease of Company Research
  6. Recommendations
  7. Let the Companies Find Your Profile

Top 7 Benefits of LinkedIn for Students

1. Stay Connected and Get Hired

LinkedIn’s primary aim is to connect employers with potential employees. So obviously it’s the right platform for students, and graduates to post their resumes and find good employers. It has excellent search features that can help you find people in your industry, and keep you up to date with things happening around you. 

2. Apply For Jobs

LinkedIn every day millions of job listings are published by companies. Here you can search for jobs based on your skills and location and apply within a seconds using LinkedIn’s Easy Apply feature, which lets you add your resume. Employers will receive a copy of your profile, along with the option to access additional details — which leads to the importance of a strong LinkedIn profile. Make sure your photo, summary, qualifications, and credentials reflect your professionalism and strengths. 

LinkedIn is a global networking platform. So if you’re interested in overseas jobs, you can connect with all the major international employers and find employment in foreign countries.

Once you create your account on LinkedIn, you can set email alerts to receive notifications of recommended jobs based on your skills and selected region. You will be able to see the notification as soon as you log into your LinkedIn accounts.

3. Join Professional Groups

LinkedIn as a social networking platform has tons of relevant groups which act as forums where you can connect with like-minded people and share knowledge. You can join any of these groups and discuss relevant topics. Find groups by using the site’s recommendation and search functions. Check who in your network belongs to a given group, and use current connections to build future ones.

4. Connecting with Professionals

If you have a look at LinkedIn, you’ll find out the large number of professionals who choose to connect here. You can find your friends, co-workers, classmates, and family members on this platform. Connect with business decision-makers in your field, interact with them and share ideas. Observe your industry’s new trends and how professional leaders handle and execute things. LinkedIn is a great network to learn from industry professionals which helps you to level up. To connect and interact with the right people, tell them your story and you might get more opportunities in your professional career life, business, and the entrepreneur mindset. 

5. Ease of Company Research

One of the best benefits LinkedIn offers to college students and job seekers is that they can check out the complete LinkedIn company pages of their targeted employers. By visiting company pages, you can get lot more details about the company services, employees list, location, jobs, hiring practices, current projects, and daily updates about the company. This kind of company research on LinkedIn will always stay ahead of your competition in the industry and increases your employability.

The company’s information can help you prepare for interviews, also you can connect with the employees and get a referral for work. So follow your favorite companies and get updates regularly.

6. Recommendations

LinkedIn also offers a feature called Recommendations, through this you can get a recommendation note from your college professors, co-workers, and industry experts. People with several recommendations have a good chance of attracting employers’ attention and they can approach new job openings based on their skillset. 

7. Let the Companies Find Your Profile

Today, every companies HR recruiters, looking for talented candidates on social networking platforms to fill their company’s job openings. If you have a good, detailed professional linked profile with the required technical skills then your chances are high to they contact for an interview process.

When you apply for a job, your prospective employer will check your LinkedIn profile to get to know more about you. Students often get a bad rap over their social media presence, so having a LinkedIn account as a student or a job seeker, gives a brand value and increases your visibility over others.


Considering the excellent benefits that connecting with professionals on LinkedIn brings, college students and fresh job seekers can never ignore this social networking platform. If you prepare yourself as early as possible, you can easily land a dream job of your interest.

Telegram Premium Subscription

Telegram, the cloud-based encrypted instant messaging service platform and is one of the top 5 most downloaded apps in 2022, announced on Sunday (jun-19-2022) that it has surpassed 700 million active monthly users, and rolling out a new premium subscription plan for their users. The Telegram app company didn’t tell how much it is charging for the premium tier, but the monthly subscription appears to be priced in the range of $5 to $6, and it varies based on location. For iPhone users in India, the premium version is priced at $6 and has a monthly cost of €5.49 ($5.77) in Spain.

Telegram Premium Features

  • Up to 4 GB File Uploads
  • Faster Downloads
  • Doubled Limits
  • Voice-to-Text
  • Premium Animation Stickers
  • Emoji Reactions
  • Chat Management
  • Animated Profile Pictures
  • Premium Badges
  • Premium App Icons
  • Ads Free Telegram Profile

“By subscribing to Telegram Premium, users unlock doubled limits, 4 GB file uploads, faster downloads, exclusive stickers and reactions, improved chat management – and a whole lot more,” read the Telegram announcement.

Telegram paid users will unlock more ways to react to messages, with over 10 new emojis like ??❤️‍?? (and the new favorites ???).

Telegram Premium Badges

All paid subscribers get a Premium special badge ( ) that appears next to their name in the chat list, chat headers, and member lists in groups – showing that they help support Telegram and are part of the club that receives exclusive features first.

Join Requests for Public Groups

In Telegram, the public groups can now enable join requests – By this, group admins can review new members’ requests before approving them to write in the chat. Users who open the group can tap Request to Join, adding their request to a list that only admins can access.

Owners of public groups can enable join requests via Group Info > Edit > Group Type > Who Can Send Messages > select Only Members > enable Approve New Members.

Animated Profile Pictures

The profile videos of premium users will animate for everyone throughout the app – including in chats and the chat list. So that everyone sees your new look, or creativity with a unique looping animation Picture.

Verification Badges in Chat

Public top figures, celebrities, and organizations can verify their group, channel, or bot – receiving a verification badge to show users that messages are coming from a trusted source. In addition, the verified accounts now appear at the top of the chat and also search results.

Telegram Verification – If you’re verified on at least two social networks, you can get a telegram verified badge for your page, group, channel, or bot.

Telegram Bots Creation

The Bot API is a free and open platform, available for everyone to build their own bot. Bots on Telegram can help you take quizzes, games, tools, accept payments and even build new websites. Bot developers can now include a photo or video in the “What can this bot do?” section of their bots to show off their features.

Telegram Bot

The Dubai-based company’s CEO, Pavel Durov, confirmed that free features would remain free even though it adds more features for paid members. It’s the first time an instant social messaging app with hundreds of millions of users has rolled out a premium tier. The top messaging apps and telegram’s alternative apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Apple’s Messages, and Google’s Messages also don’t offer a premium tier.

In March 2021, Telegram raised over $1 billion from several investors including Mubadala and Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners by selling 5-year pre-IPO convertible bonds.

They believe that Telegram’s development should be driven primarily by its users, not advertisers. This way our users will always remain our main priority.

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Instagram Pin To Profile Feature

Recently Instagram is bringing a new feature that allows users to pin up to three posts, including photos or Reels, to the top of their profile grid, just like a pinned tweet on Twitter and TikTok. The pinned posts will appear at the top of your profile. The Meta-owned photo-sharing platform rolled out this feature globally and the company says this new feature will give creators the to engage more users with their pinned posts.

How To Pin a Post on Instagram

  • To pin a post on Instagram follow the below steps 
  • Open any of your favorite or most engaged posts or Reel on your profile
  • Then, click the three dots on the top right corner of the post
  • Now select “Pin to Your Profile.” 
Instagram Pin To You Profile

The selected posts are on top of your Instagram profile grid, with a small white pin. 

Apart from this, Instagram has also introduced a Sensitive Content Control feature. With this feature, users will be able to control the amount of sensitive content and accounts they see Search, Reels, Accounts You Might Follow, Hashtag Pages, and In-Feed Recommendations. 

How to view Instagram’s Sensitive Content Control Settings

  • Go to your Instagram profile. 
  • Tap the Settings menu. 
  • Tap Account. 
  • Tap Sensitive Content Control – Here you can control the sensitive content settings by its default state (“Standard”) or to see more (“More”) or less of some types of sensitive content (“Less”). You can change your selection at any time.
Instagram Sensitive Content Control Setting

Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri tweeted that they are working on more new features on Instagram such as 

  • 90-second Reels
  • Grid pinning
  • Import audio in Reels 
  • Interactive stickers in Reels

It’s a significant update along with Stories Highlights which is helpful for people who post a lot and showcase their creativity on IG profile display