Facebook has been continuously providing the utmost privacy to user accounts. Three years ago, they launched the profile picture guard feature for unknown persons were not able to zoom, share, or download the users’ photo. Now this year May 2020 they have introduced a new feature called Facebook profile lock. This feature especially for women’s safety reduces the cybercrime rate and misusing girls’ pictures.

In this article, we tell you about how to lock your Facebook profile on Android, iPhone, and PC. We will also give more information about what is Facebook (FB) profile lock is, what happens by locking FB profile, and more.

What is Facebook Profile Lock?

Locking a Facebook profile is nothing but locked your profile information from unknown stalkers. This feature is completely locked the users’ profiles so that their friends’ lists only could able to view the user’s photos and posts. All the profile posts and photos are hidden no matter how long back a person had uploaded them. The main purpose of introducing this feature is to protect people’s privacy from strangers on the world’s most used and largest social media site.

Are Our Timeline Posts on Public, If Profile Locked?

No. You cannot publish public stories and posts when your profile is locked. However, your posts and comments on pages, groups, and the marketplace also will be hidden but your friends will be able to see them. If you want to make it public, you have to unlock your profile.  


About Locked Profile Information

Information in your Facebook account about sections, such as hometown, working status, degree/college details, relationship status, etc., will be limited. Facebook will show only a maximum of five public information details to others if that profile is locked. It doesn’t impact your friend request and message settings. Anyone can able to send a friend request and message you based on your Facebook privacy settings.

How to Lock Facebook Profile

You can easily lock your Facebook profile picture by using android or iPhone mobile and PC too. Here is the step by step procedure to enable a Facebook profile lock system.

  • Login Your Facebook Profile
  • Now tap more under your Facebook Name
  • Click the “Lock Profile” option (if found)
  • Once confirmed, the profile will be locked. 

This Facebook profile lock feature isn’t available to everyone right now. This feature is available only in certain countries such as India, UK, Bangladesh, and a few more countries and certain devices. In case if the Facebook profile lock link feature is not working, update your app and try or else check the Facebook help center.  

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