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Work from Home Security Tips Provided By Facebook

Work from Home Security Tips Provided By Facebook - Social-Singam

Over the last 5 years, working from home (WFH) and remotely work culture has grown in popularity for many professionals. A study found more than 70 percent of global employees work remotely at least once per week. However, this COVID-19 virus resulting lockdown in many parts of the world and all the information technology companies are asked their employees to work full time on home to limit the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

Account security is one of the essential things that should be overlooked by users who are migrated over to working remotely. To ensure the users’ information is still safe even when working on publicly connected networks. 

Even though most well-established companies have their own VPN and security systems enabled, there are few factors users must consider when accessing their professional networks when logging into a remote PC.

To secure your account, Facebook has provided a new set of tips to ensure users have a better level of security for their accounts. 

Here are some of the tips, provided by Facebook on Social Media Today

  1. Password Protection – Users should change the passwords frequently and their password should complex and difficult to guess. 
  2. Set Login Alerts – If a user turns on this alerts option, Facebook will notify them when someone tries to log into the user’s account from another device or browser.
  3. Review Your Logins – Users should log out and close their previous sessions on computers and mobile phones when no longer using. Users should keep their phone numbers and email addresses up to date in their account to recover facebook account if they had forgotten their password. 
  4. Cautious of phishing and scammers – Users should avoid clicking on suspicious links and report that id. Don’t reply to messages asking for personal information, or money, or messages coming from someone claiming to be a family member or friend in an emergency. 

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