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How To Sign Up and Use The Poparazzi App?

Poparazzi App

Social media has become one of the most important parts of our day-to-day life. There are numerous social media applications available for users to get the latest updates, share daily life events, make new relationships, entertainment, and also create a community to share ideas and knowledge. 

Poparazzi App Logo

What is Poparazzi App? 

Poparazzi is a new Instagram-like photo-sharing app that was recently introduced by its founders Alex and Austen Ma on May 24, 2021. This app has an interesting user interface and allows users to take and share photos of their friends. There’s no front-facing camera in this app so users can’t post their selfies, follower counts, captions, and filter options do not work here. Instead, users snap photos of their friends and tag them, mimicking a paparazzi shot.

Poparazzi Official Website – www.poparazzi.com

We built Poparazzi to take away the pressure to be perfect,” the company wrote in a Medium post announcing its launch.

Top Downloaded Free App on Appstore

After a launch a few days, this Poparazzi app topped the free apps chart on Apple’s US App Store and is all set to raise funding from venture capital investors that will value the buzzy new photo-sharing app at as much as $135 million just days after launch.

Poparazzi photo app is all about “hyping up your friends,” as the company promotes. The investor from SignalFire, Josh Constantine replicated the platform as “the perfect app for Hot Vax Summer.” Other venture capitalists compared the app’s debut to the launch of popular apps like Clubhouse, Snapchat, and even Facebook.

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How to Use Poparazzi App

The Poparazzi profile section is divided into two blocks such as photos of your friends taken by you and the photos of you taken by your friends. This app also displays which people snapped at you the most on their phone camera. Calling itself the new age social media for Gen Z, Poparazzi is like taking candid photos and then sharing the picture online by tagging your friends on the news feed.

As the tagline Poparazzi app for friends, when you sign up for this app, it automatically follows everyone who uses this app. Like the Snap score in Snapchat, Poparazzi has a “pop” score which is given to each profile as per how many photos you take. The application is now available on both iOS App Store and Android Google play store. 

How to Sign Up Poparazzi App

  • Launch the Poparazzi app on your mobile
  • Allow access to camera, contacts, and notifications
  • Enter your age and Mobile number
  • Enter the confirmation code
  • Enter Original Name and set Poparazzi username.
  • Upload your profile photo
  • Allow three contacts who take your “best photo”. 
  • Choose to invite people.

That’s all, your paparazzi profile was created and now you can use the app.

How To Get Verified on Poparazzi App

To get a verified profile on the poparazzi app, you need to be a popular creator on this photo uploading platform. Go to settings and click contact support and mail [email protected] for asking them to verify your account. You will get a verified tick if you clear all their terms and conditions.

How to delete Poparazzi Account? 

If you’re not interested and bored of using this app, you can delete your account by clicking this link.

How can I contact Poparazzi Support? 

If you need any help with your profile, You can contact our support team by sending an email to: [email protected]

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