What is Peanut App

Peanut is a mobile social networking app that is specially designed for moms and women. Whether you’re navigating fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, or menopause, the Peanut community will listen and share information and offer valuable advice. This app is also referred to as “Tinder for moms” because Peanut functions a lot like dating apps but it connects mothers by letting them swipe each other’s profiles. 

Michelle Kennedy founded Peanut in 2017 with a mission to help women foster meaningful connections. Four years later, her extension of that mission is Peanut StartHER, a micro fund investing in women and underrepresented founders of all ages, life stages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.

I didn’t want anyone to view me as a bad mom and I didn’t feel like there was a safe space to have a conversation about motherhood,” she says. “I needed a platform where there were no taboo subjects and where you could discuss all aspects of motherhood without judgment.” So in 2017, she created Peanut, a social network app for all stages of motherhood. 

Within a year of its launch, Peanut has built a user base of 3million moms who have swiped profiles over 19 million times and sent more than one million messages to each other.

This peanut app moms is very similar to the Tinder app and also it has many features such as Peanut Pages, Peanut Shop, Join groups, meet with similar-minded women, ask and share your questions and it recently launched audio room chats (Pods) similar to Clubhouse and Twitter spaces. These features in this app will give mothers a better alternative to Facebook Groups, Moms Forums, Quora, and other social platforms.

Peanut Pods

Peanut’s Pods offer the basic features including the host can create a pod and invite users to speak in the space room. The muted audience of listeners who need to virtually raise their hand to speak, emoji and reactions. The Peanut company is doing its own in-house moderation on the audio pods to make sure that the conversations do not violate the company’s terms because Kennedy worked in the dating industry for many years, so she is aware of the user’s privacy and safety.

Peanut Pods - Live Audio Chat Room

How To Join on Peanut Social Network App

This Peanut app for moms is free to join inclusive space for women to connect, share stories, and find the match by swiping profiles. This app is available in both the android play store and the iTunes app store. Apple recognized Peanut as one of the best iPhone apps in 2021.

Peanut app is mainly used by the U.S. and in the U.K women and it’s available for other countries too. Soon the Peanut tech company plans to implement a monetization element in its app that could include paid premium features. 

Create Peanut Account

  • Download and Install Peanut App on your phone
  • It provides 3 sign-up options such as connecting with a Facebook profile, Gmail account, and phone number.
  • Choose anyone depending on your preference
  • Now enter your name, age, photo, and kids details (optional) or 
  • Connect with your Facebook profile and sign up. It automatically pulls all your information and creates a Peanut profile for you.
  • Now start swiping and find a match.

There are so many users who reviewed this app that it is good for moms and also some said it’s a waste of time and you don’t get any nearby matches as per your wish. You can check the peanut app reviews in Google Play Store, app store columns, and other online review sites. You can also get more information about this app from Reddit.

How Does Peanut App Works

This Peanut application works like Tinder, it uses current location to identify possible matches nearby and gets photos from users’ Facebook accounts to create a profile. You can be waved at other users and find a match. Users can edit the photos on their profile, according to Scary Mommy. And also you will have an option to add your children’s names, ages, and genders to display on your peanut account profile but it’s not mandatory. The age might be helpful if you’re looking to set up a playdate, but this app is for moms to meet other moms, not for strangers to swipe down.

Is Peanut App Safe to Use

Peanut is as safe as other top social media platforms. In other words, it’s safe if you’re careful about the information you put on it and the conversation with other moms. It is a free public platform, so anyone can see what you post to it if you connect your account with Facebook.

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Peanut App for Dads

Many fathers, especially stay-at-home dads, are also searching for a “peanut app for dads” to find dedicated communities to learn and share information about parenthood. But unfortunately, as of now, Peanut doesn’t provide any app for dads but they may do dad-oriented things in the future. There are some other apps like Dadapp, fatherly, and a few more that will provide dads to find, meet and connect with like-minded dads.

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Messenger’s New Holiday Features

Meta added some holiday-themed features to help get you in that festive mood in your Messenger and Instagram DMs. This includes suggested word effects, holiday AR effects, new Soundmojis, messenger kids Christmas Santa filters to cheer this holiday season. To check out these new features you need to have an updated version of the messenger app.

New AR Effect

Meta partnered with beauty guru Ashley Strong to create a new AR effect ‘sparkles and shiny snowflakes that appear from your eyes when you blink’. This effect will help you glow up your face on Messenger and Instagram video calls! 

“With this effect, you can magically freeze the screen – just open your mouth for a cold breath to start to appear and freeze the screen.”

This AR effect is not entirely sure if Christmas or Ice King from Game of Thrones, but it’s a new feature to enjoy.

Beauty AR Effect

To use this holiday AR effect, open your Messenger app or Instagram and start a video call, or simply open the Messenger camera to take a selfie. Click on the smiley face icon to see them in the “Effects” tab!

Sprinkle Your Messages with Holiday Magic

There are high chances that you’ll be sending lots of messages to your friends and family during Holidays. To spread cheer easier and more fun, Meta created suggested word effects in Messenger for wishing people a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa. Messenger apps also use emojis that go along with the greetings: ?, ?, and ?. You can also spark a flood of related emojis up the screen to give your message an extra themed kick.

Suggest Word Effects

‘Plan some seriously lit end-of-year parties’ with its latest New Year’s Eve chat theme for Messenger and Instagram DMs, which also comes with its own word effects: ? = Happy New Year, ? = 2022, and ?= Cheers.

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Soundmojis bring a new and unique dimension to your conversations and increase the usage of emojis. Visit your Messenger expressions tray, select the loudspeaker icon, and find the ? and ? emojis for a special holiday song surprise!

Holiday Soundemojis

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Cash Gifts on Messenger

If you want to skip standing in long queues and out-of-stock shelves this holiday season? Messenger adds a Send cash gifts feature as built in the app itself. You can now send cash gifts to your loved ones with new holiday-themed backgrounds and gift wrap on Messenger using Facebook Pay on Android devices. If your friend sends you a cash gift, you’ll be notified on Messenger and Facebook with their message gift wrapped on the notification menu. 

To send a holiday cash gift, tap the $ icon in the Messenger composer area, enter a dollar amount, write a personalized message, and select a holiday-themed background or a gift wrap. This is a great last-minute gift that transfers immediately to bank accounts without any commission fees.

Messenger Holiday Cash Gift

Chat With Santa on Messenger Kids

In addition to this, Meta has also added a wide range of new holiday activities and features to Messenger Kids, including an option to chat with Santa (with the messages going to the parents), new virtual holiday games, and themed AR effects and artworks.

To activate the Santa experience, go to the Parent Dashboard, visit “Controls”, and tap “Santa Experience.” If you haven’t set up Messenger Kids for your child yet, you’ll be redirected to do. Keep in mind, only the parent who created the Messenger Kids account can activate, control and use the Santa experience with their child.

Happy Holidays 2021

Holidays are the perfect time to hang out with the people who care and love you most. Whether you’re able to do this in person or have to spend time virtually, Meta’s holiday features will help you feel close to your loved ones during this special moment of the year. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All. Enjoy This Winter Session With Meta Products.

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TikTok Beats Google

TikTok is the New Champion of the Internet in 2021. 

TikTok was the most visited website this year, according to the 2021 Cloudflare domain ranking. After August mid, TikTok became the leading website for most of the days of 2021, especially in October and November. In 2020, TikTok was ranked seventh in the list behind Google, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, and Amazon, but now it’s jumped to the top spot due to a covid-driven surge in popularity.

TikTok, which is owned by Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd, drove rapid growth in the internet world and provides interesting short forms of video content to its users. TikTok visitors use its app or browsers to watch videos that TikTok’s secretive algorithms predict and deliver to the users for engaging video content, on a user’s “For You” page. 

According to Wall Street Journal’s previous reports, the key to TikTok’s assessment of user interest is the length of time its users spend looking at a piece of content. Re-watching an item also affects its scoring.

Cloudflare describes TikTok’s journey

“It was on February 17, 2021, that TikTok got the top spot for a day. Back in March, TikTok got a few more days and also in May, but it was after August 10, 2021, that TikTok took the lead on most days. There were some days when Google was #1, but October and November were mostly TikTok’s days, including on Thanksgiving (November 25) and Black Friday (November 26).”

Top 10 Most Visited Domains/Sites on 2021

Here are Cloudflare’s top 10 internet domains which we have visited most in 2021

Top 10 Most Visited Websites 2021

Top 10 Social Media Platforms in 2021

  1. TikTok.com
  2. Facebook.com
  3. YouTube.com
  4. Twitter.com
  5. Instagram.com
  6. Snapchat.com
  7. Reddit.com
  8. Pinterest.com
  9. LinkedIn.com
  10. Quora.com

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Most Popular Chat (Messaging) Domains 2021

  1. WhatsApp.com 
  2. Telegram.org 
  3. WeChat.com 
  4. Signal.org

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Top 10 Most Popular Video Streaming Sites 2021

  1. Netflix.com
  2. YouTube.com
  3. Roku.com
  4. HBOMax.com
  5. Hulu.com
  6. Peacocktv.com
  7. Disneyplus.co
  8. ParamountPlus.com
  9. Sling.com
  10. Iq.com

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Top 10 Most Popular E-Commerce Sites 2021

  1. Amazon.com
  2. Taobao.com
  3. Ebay.com
  4. Walmart.com
  5. Jd.com
  6. Shopify.com
  7. Bestbuy.com
  8. Target.com
  9. Rakuten.co.jp
  10. Homedepot.com

According to the reports TikTok.com received more traffic than any other domain that doesn’t mean TikTok has more users than Google or competing social media sites. If TikTok isn’t part of your social media marketing strategy, in 2022 you should give more priority to this platform and create a TikTok marketing strategy for your business.

What are LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn Groups are the best and dedicated place to connect with professionals, business owners within your industry, or similar interests to share their ideas, question & answers, insights, jobs, get guidance and build valuable connections on this professional social network. If you’re looking to find relevant groups to join, just use the search feature at the top of your homepage or select from the suggestions of “Groups you may like.”

Let’s explore how to create a LinkedIn group and some best practices to follow to increase visibility. 

How to Create a Group on LinkedIn

To create a LinkedIn group on browser, 

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account
  • Click the ‘Work’ dropdown next to your profile photo
  • Choose Groups on LinkedIn products or 
  • Direct Link for LinkedIn Groups
  • Click Create Group
  • Now fill all the necessary fields such as Group name, description, Industry, group rules, and some other details on the pop window
  • Upload logo and banner image of your LinkedIn group
  • Now click create and save.
LinkedIn Group Creation Instructions

Finally, LinkedIn Group has been created successfully on your LinkedIn Profile. Follow the same steps and start a LinkedIn group on a mobile app too.

Note: You can create only three groups per day. You can join a maximum of 100 LinkedIn community group pages and you can not own more than 10 groups as per LinkedIn policy.

How to Join Groups on LinkedIn

You can join any group on LinkedIn by clicking “Request to Join” on a Group’s home or profile page. Your join request is sent directly to the Group Admins, who evaluate and accept your request if your account fulfills their rules of the Group. If a connection invites you to join a group, simply click ‘Accept’ on the invite from your inbox or notifications screen, just as the standard Connection request.

How To Use LinkedIn Groups – Best Practices

Whether you’re an owner of a LinkedIn Group or a community member, being an active participant in a Group can help you and your business network with other professionals and businesses in your field. 

Don’t Post Many Advertisements – A LinkedIn Group isn’t a place for businesses to share their advertisements—it’s a channel to share valuable content with your group members. This helps you for a higher engagement and quality interactions within group members.

Brand Awareness – You can easily boost your brand’s name and online reputation by involving in Group’s activities. So search for relevant groups in your industry to start engaging with posts and members.

Encourage Discussion – Ask questions, share polls, listen and respond relevantly. Don’t post off topics in the group, always be professional. This builds trust and offers greater value to you long-term as well. 

Send an invite – Use LinkedIn invite feature to follow your groups with your connections. LinkedIn gives 100 sent invite limits per month for a single group. 

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LinkedIn Group Management

Group owners can have complete access to change the role of a member to an owner or manager and vice versa.

To change the role of a member to a manager or owner follow the below steps

  • Go to LinkedIn Groups
  • Click Manage Group
  • From the members’ list, choose the member profile
  • Click the More icon next to the member’s name
  • Now give access as Make owner or Make manager
  • Click Confirm in the pop-up window

A group owner can add up to 10 other owners including himself, 20 group managers, and maintain a group membership of up to 2 million. 

A group owner can also demote other owners/managers to members. A group owner can’t remove the owner permissions or leave a group until another owner is added to manage the group.

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KakaoTalk Profile

KaKaotalk is one of the most popular social messaging apps in south Korea and other south Asian countries operated by Kakao Corporation. With over 52 million active users globally in the final quarter of 2020, more than 45 million users are from South Korea alone. Kakao’s founder Kim Beom-Su is one of the leading social media billionaires worldwide, as of March 2020, his net worth was estimated to be 2.8 billion USD.

Apart from KaKaotalk, the company also provides KakaoStory, a social media application service that allows you to share photos and videos with your KakaoTalk account friends. Some other features are Kakao mail, Kakao Entertainment, Kakao Games, Kakao Friends, Kakao Bus, Kakao Mobility, Lycos, Inc, and more.

If you don’t have a KakaoTalk account, read our blog post and sign up for KakaoTalk and KakaoStory Account to connect with your family and friends.

How To Log Out of KakaoTalk?

Most of the social media apps provide a sign-out option for their users when finished all the news feeds based on profiles users choice. But unfortunately, KakaoTalk doesn’t provide a logout option for its users. So you can’t sign out your KakaoTalk profile within the app.

If you want to cara logout KakaoTalk account follow the simples steps

  • Open your mobile settings
  • Go to Apps Management
  • Find and select KakaoTalk app
  • Now Clear Cache and Clear Data

Now all your Kakaotalk data will be deleted and you can use this Kakaotalk app freshly by login with the same email address or phone.

This is the only and best solution to sign out your KakaoTalk profile on your android or ios mobile.

How To log out of the PC version from mobile?

You can log out your pc version of the Kakaotalk account by using your mobile. On your Kakaotalk profile, go to More > Settings > Privacy > Manage Devices and tap [Logout]. You can also see your registered PCs in this menu.

How To Unregister/Delete a KakaoTalk Account?

In KakaoTalk both delete and unregister terms are defined close to the Kakaotalk account. If you want to delete/unregister the KakaoTalk account follow the below steps.

  • Open KakaoTalk application 
  • Select More 
  • Go to Settings 
  • Select Unregister From KakaoTalk 
  • Check the confirmation box 
  • Click OK.

Now your Kakaotalk account is permanently deleted from the database and you can’t recover it back.

If you have any queries about Kakao and its services Contact Kakao Customer Support team for instant help.

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