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April 23, 2024

Twitter Now Allows Users To Record Spaces on Both iOS and Android App

Twitter Now Allows Users To Record Spaces on Both iOS and Android App

Record Space Feature

Great news for all Twitter Spaces hosts! Twitter has announced that all Spaces hosts can now record their chats, on both iOS and Android devices. Twitter first enabled this recording option to a limited number of hosts in October and also said the feature would be available to all hosts soon. This record option will not be available on the web for now, as you can only join Spaces through the Twitter website as a listener.

Twitter Record Space Feature

On Jan 14, 2022, Twitter announced on its Twitter Support account, all Spaces hosts will now see the “Record Space” button in the Twitter app for iOS and Android. Once you tap, Twitter will record the complete conversation on the space and make it available for anyone who wants to listen to it again later. If you’re unable to join a Spaces session at a particular time when it was live, this record space feature will give the option to listen to the conversation.

Keep in mind, recorded Spaces will not be available forever. According to the Twitter microblogging site, once the Space ends, Hosts will have access to the full-length Recording for 30 days after the initial broadcast, during that time they can share it or Tweet it. After this period, the recorded Spaces are permanently deleted from the account. Hosts can also delete recorded Spaces before 30 days if they want.

The social media giant said the purpose of this new functionality is to host users who have friends that are not on Twitter but would still want to listen in on a Space. This feature also gives competition for Clubhouse and Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms.

It’ll be interesting to see twitter’s strategy changes under new CEO Parag Agrawal, who took over from Jack Dorsey back in November. They plan to give more focus Spaces discovery can be improved or maximized in order to build the audio platform into a bigger consideration.

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