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May 24, 2024
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How to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts by Using Tools


In today’s fast facing world, social media platforms are playing a vital part in our lives. So we have to keep all our social profiles secure and clear. If you’re a regular twitter user, you follow many people and interact with them, some of them are still active and some of them stop using their Twitter account and even you follow some fake accounts followed accidentally. When you grow your reputation on twitter online, people start noticing what are all the accounts you follow. So you need to unfollow your inactive followers regularly. 

It’s difficult to unfollow inactive twitter users on by one if you have large followers list. So in this post, we will present you with some of the best free and paid Twitter unfollow inactive accounts tools that help you to unfollow the users quickly. Twitter can delete if any account inactive for more than 6 months.

Best Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twiter Account Users

  1. ManageFlitter
  2. Circleboom
  3. Untweeps
  4. Crowdfire


ManageFlitter is a multi-purpose Twitter management tool that helps you in many ways. First, we look at unfollow features in this tool and later we will see the other features.

Go to ManageFlitter.com and log in using your Twitter account. At the top, click on Manage option à Unfollow and select the left sidebar to see the list of users who have not tweeted for long. Now select the profiles and unfollow them by one click. 

But this free twitter unfollow tool, you can only unfollow up to 100 users per day. To increase the limit to 200, you need to follow ManageFlitter on Twitter and subscribe to their newsletter to get 300 more unfollows per day. You can also pay $12 for a one-time subscription for getting up to 2000 unfollows daily.

Manageflitter offers a few more features which you will find interesting:

  • Shows a list of users who tweet in other languages.
  • Helps to find a Twitter profile with no profile image (spam or fake profile)
  • Users who don’t follow you back and talkative users.


Circleboom is one of the best Twitter Management Tool to remove your inactive twitter users, who are not following back, spammers, fake profiles and talkative.

If any of your followers are not tweeting for more than 30 days, Circleboom marks them as inactive accounts so you can unfollow them easily. Circleboom segregate your friends & followers as inactive Twitter accounts, talkative accounts, fakes, and spammers. So you can only focus on the right ones to follow.

Here is how to use this Circleboom Features

  • Login Circleboom with your Twitter profile
  • It analyzes your followers and creates a list of inactive Twitter accounts. 
  • Now click on the circle > Inactives
  • It shows a list of all inactive twitter profiles that following you.
  • Now you can simply click tick box and unfollow bulk twitter account at a time.

Circleboom provides all the features at the cost of $4.5 per month.


Untweeps is a simple, user-friendly and dedicated tool for bulk unfollowing Twitter users who are not active. Go to Untweeps.com and log in using your Twitter account. In this tool, you can select the days for which twitter account inactive for a long time and list and just click the checkboxes beside the inactive users, and hit the “unfollow” button.

If you manage multiple Twitter accounts, you can choose the pro plan of Untweeps.

Pro tip: If you are tired of choosing manually, you can execute a simple JavaScript in your browser console to check all the checkboxes in the window. You can also use a Chrome extension called Check All.


This is one of the best twitter unfollow tool to remove inactive users based on their last activity time on both Twitter and Instagram. It also has Android and iOS apps for smartphones.

This Crowdfire tool also has professional plans with additional features the same as other twitter user unfollowing tools. But if you are looking to only unfollow inactive users, this free version of the app will be great for you.

Unfollow Mobile App for Twitter

These are the best two mobile apps to unfollow twitter followers

Unfollow for Twitter – This app is only available for iOS, and it makes your job easier and unfollow multiple users quickly.

Statusbrew – This app is for Android devices. You can use this application for both Twitter and Instagram to unfollow someone inactive.

You should be careful before unfollowing any Twitter users because these automated tools can sometimes unfollow genuine followers also while selecting users.

The above tools are used by many and got good reviews based on that I choose these. If you found any other tools, please let me know in the comment section and I will add it to the next blog.

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