Wechat is one of the world’s most used social media applications, and the number one communication app in China to connect people all over the world. Users may forget their password because they are using multiple social media accounts at a time so it’s difficult to remember all passwords until you save them in any password manager tool or sheet. Many people still questioning is WeChat safe or not and its security concerns but if you follow the guidelines of WeChat it is very secure.

How To Reset Forgot WeChat Password

If you are unable to log in or forgot WeChat password, ID and don’t know how to log in WeChat if forgot the password, it’s very easy to recover through your connected phone number or email address by following the below steps. 

  • Open the WeChat app on your iOs or Android mobile.
  • Click the Login Page 
  • Click Unable to Login at the bottom of the App.
  • Follow the pop-up instruction and enter your mobile number or email id to reset the password.
  • Now you will receive code on your mobile by SMS or password reset link to your email address.
  • Enter the code and reset the password as per your wish.
  • Now Login WeChat via WeChat ID + new password.

Click Here for Direct WeChat Forgot Password Reset Link

If you do not remember the email linked to WeChat or changed new phone number, follow the below instructions to reset your WeChat password. 

  1. Tap Unable to Log In at the bottom of the WeChat login page.
  2. Tap Request to submit your request as instructed. 
  3. After submitting a request, you will receive an SMS notification within 24 hours with the result. If your account recovery request is approved, a new WeChat password will be sent via SMS. 
  4. Now Log in to WeChat via WeChat ID and a new password.

If you still encounter login issues and are unable to login WeChat and you haven’t linked your mobile/email/QQ/Facebook to your account? A simple solution is to Screenshot your error message and submit a request on the WeChat support page for retrieval of your WeChat Id and password.

If you forgot WeChat password and ID but you’ve linked your mobile number, email address, QQ ID, or Facebook to your WeChat, troubleshoot the problem by following the instructions below:

Reset Wechat Password via Mobile number

 1) Tap More Options at the bottom of the WeChat login page.

 2) Select Log in to Another Account.

 3) On the page of Login via Phone, select the region of the phone number, then enter the correct number.

 4) Tap Next, then tap Log in via SMS verification code in blue.

 5) Tap Send in blue, and you will receive an SMS verification code from WeChat, enter the SMS code, and tap login.

Retrieve WeChat Password Via Email Address

 1) Tap More Options at the bottom of the WeChat login page.

 2) Select Log in to Another Account.

 3) Tap Log in via WeChat ID/Email/QQ ID in blue.

 4) Tap Unable to Log In at the bottom of the page. 

 5) Tap Email linked, enter linked email address then tap Next.

 6) An email will be sent to your linked email address, follow the instructions in the email to reset the password.

 7) Login WeChat by the flow: tap More Options at the bottom of login page > Log in to Another Account > Log in via WeChat ID/Email/QQ ID > enter your email address and new WeChat password > Log In

Login WeChat via QQ ID and QQ password

 1) Tap More Options at the bottom of the WeChat login page.

 2) Select Log in to Another Account.

 3) Tap Log in via WeChat ID/Email/QQ ID in blue.

 4) Enter the previously linked QQ ID and QQ password, then tap Login.

Note: If you have forgotten your QQ account password, you can retrieve your password by visiting aq.qq.com on a computer. 

Login WeChat Account via Facebook

    (1) Tap More Options at the bottom of the WeChat login screen.

    (2) Select Log in to Another Account.

    (3) Tap Other Login Options > Log in via Facebook.

    (4) Tap Connect To Facebook, enter the mobile number or email and Facebook password, and then tap login.

WeChat Payment Password Forgot

WeChat Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service that allows users to make mobile payments and online transactions. If you forgot your Wechat Payment password, follow the below steps and recover it easily. 

  • Log in to WeChat > Me > WeChat Pay > tap “…” menu in the top-right corner > Forgot Payment Password > verify your identity. 
  • You can retrieve the payment password by Link the card again to retrieve your account or Link a new card to retrieve the account.

Unable to receive Wechat verification code or password reset email

After entering your linked mobile number, if you’re still unable to receive an SMS with the verification code, 

  • Double-check your country/region before entering your mobile number.
  • Mobile number entered incorrectly
  • SMS verification code sent too frequently
  • Check whether the current phone number is the same as the one you linked used to your register or link your WeChat account.
  • Check whether your phone has any anti-virus apps that block SMS messages from unknown senders.

After entering your linked email address, if you’re still unable to receive the Wechat Verification email with code or link, follow the below steps.

  • Try to search for emails through the mailbox built-in search function. 
  • Check the “Spam” folder of the mailbox to see whether the email from WeChat has been filed as “spam”. 
  • If the delay is due to network or mail server problems, please wait for several hours before checking for the email again.

How Do I Unfreeze My Wechat Account?

If you previously opted to freeze your account, you can unfreeze your account following the steps below after verifying that your account is again secure: Open WeChat > Tap More Options > WeChat Security Center > Unfreeze Account > Unfreeze, and follow the instructions.

Unable to Unfreeze WeChat Account?

If you are unable to unfreeze your WeChat account, try the following method. 

  • Open WeChat and from the login page, tap Unable to Log In? at the bottom of the WeChat login page > Request Password Retrieval > Request. 
  • After completing the password retrieval, you will receive an SMS notification with the results within 24 hours. If the request is approved, a new WeChat password will be sent via SMS which you can use to log in to WeChat again.

For account security, after unfreezing your account and log in to WeChat successfully, go to Me > Settings > Account Security > Manage Devices and delete any unsafe devices from the list of prior devices. For your account security, you may need to verify your identity when you log in again from the deleted device.

What is WeChat App

WeChat is one of the most used popular social media applications in China and other countries. Tencent, a parent company of this app is one of the most valuable technology companies in the world. Since 2011, this app has added many new features from a messaging app to an all-in-one super portal, with more than 900 million monthly active users. This WeChat app can be used on both Phone on the Web. You can able to login Wechat on Web using QR code

I hope you all are known something about WeChat is and how it works. But many of the users wondering it’s a legitimate messaging and communication service, and safe while using it. In this article, we explain everything there is to know about WeChat and its security.  

WeChat Pay

WeChat’s major success is because of this platform’s mobile payment service called WeChat Pay. It helps every aspect of a user’s life from shopping to booking taxis, hospital appointments and ordering food through this application.


In China, 84% of people are willing to replace cash with mobile payment. In 2016, 38 trillion Yuan (A$7.5 trillion) was exchanged via mobile payment which is 50 times larger than the United States, the world’s second-biggest market. Till date, WeChat has successfully launched its payment service “WeChat Pay” in 15 countries.

WeChat Pay targets Australia which is a popular destination for Chinese students and tourists. In Australia there are more than 10,000 shops and restaurants are using the WeChat Pay system. In 2016, Chinese tourists spent A$9.2 billion in Australia, and it is expected to grow A$13 billion by the end of 2020.

Security Flaws in Chinese Apps

Tech gadgets imported from China, such as smartphones, watches and other goods are regularly having security flaws and even spying government by that tool. The Indian government blacklisted WeChat and some other 41 apps on last December and categorizing them as spyware.

According to WeChat, user data is not monitored or saved by the company server, as long as there is no requirement from the Chinese authorities. However, Australian users WeChat account is always censored – even if you connect your WeChat to an Australian number. 

 If you register the WeChat account outside China, you will be considered as “overseas account” and you’re not censored that apply to Chinese users the same strict standards. A recent survey from the Citizen Lab suggests that messages containing censored keywords will still be banned if they are sent to a Chinese account. 

The most common method of censorship on WeChat is keyword blocking, which means messages containing sensitive spam words, such as “Tiananmen June 4” and “free Tibet”, won’t be received to another end user.

Is WeChat Safe and Secure for Messaging?

WeChat is as safe as other messaging and communication apps because it requires a verified mobile phone number, and a strong password to register as a user. So as long as the user continually changing their password, enable 2-factor authentication on their mobile device, no one can access their messages or personal profile without their knowledge. 

For safety concerns change your privacy settings as per your requirements. Here are the top 5 safety tips when using WeChat.

1. Create a secure and lengthy password for your WeChat account.

2. Always sign out your account when you’re finished.

3. Change your privacy settings immediately.

4. Analyze and verify their profile before you add any unknown users.

5. Don’t use the WeChat “Shake” function.

This FAQ listed on WeChat’s official customer website:

One of WeChat’s official customer said that WeChat securely encrypts your sent and received messages between the servers. We do not permanently store the content of any messages on our servers whether they are video, audio or text. WeChat deletes the content of the message on our servers and therefore third parties including WeChat itself are unable to view the content of your message. 

Currently, WeChat is the only app in its category that is accredited by the privacy organization TRUSTe. It’s also certified by the austerest international server security compliance standard ISO 270001–2013. So it would be quite difficult for hackers to penetrate WeChat’s servers and view any of the users’ private information. 

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