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All You Need to Know About Instagram Threads App

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Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter last year, the Twitter landscape has undergone significant transformations. Over the past few months, various Twitter alternatives, both new and established, have gained traction among users looking for a fresh text-based social network experience. Platforms like Mastodon, Bluesky, Spill, and T2 have captured people’s interest. And now, Meta has entered the game with a significant launch of Threads connected to Instagram.

Instagram Threads app has accomplished an extraordinary milestone, exceeding 5 million users in an unprecedented timeframe. It has even outshined ChatGPT, which took 5 days to reach 1 million users. As of June 10, 2023, Threads’ user count has touched 100 million signups. Eager to know more about this app? Let’s dive in and uncover the secret sauce behind its success.

What is Instagram’s Threads?

Threads, a standalone app derived from Instagram, shifts its emphasis towards conversations rather than visual content. By logging in with your Instagram account, you can engage in text-based updates and participate in public discussions. The app’s design mirrors the familiar Instagram comment section while incorporating features reminiscent of Twitter, including post replies and resharing capabilities. With Threads, you have the flexibility to create posts containing up to 500 characters (surpassing Twitter’s 280-character limit), share links, include up to 10 photos, and upload videos of up to 5 minutes in duration.

Unlike Twitter, Threads does not offer the ability to edit posts once published. Additionally, it appears that Threads does not employ hashtags or provide a trending section, differentiating it from the functionality present on Twitter.

How do I sign up for Instagram Threads?

The primary reason for the initial success of Instagram Threads is its straightforward sign-up process. Rather than starting from scratch like other Twitter competitors, Threads leverages Instagram’s extensive user base of 2.35 billion individuals. Users can easily create threads account by existing Instagram account.

Signup for Threads is a single-click procedure. Users can download the Instagram Threads app from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.
To signup threads, all you need to do is download it, launch the app, select “Log in with Instagram,” and tap the “Import from Instagram” button to get started.

When joining Threads, you receive a unique ID assigned based on your rank, determined by the time of your app registration. This ID has appeared as a badge under your name or username on your Instagram profile. This indicates to your followers that you are an active user of Threads.

Verified Instagram accounts also appear as verified on Threads. If you subscribe to Meta Verified with your Instagram account, your Threads account will be verified simultaneously.

How to use Threads?

Threads app is presently accessible on iOS and Android devices across over 100 countries. However, it is not currently available in the EU due to privacy concerns. By logging in through your Instagram account, you gain the ability to seamlessly follow the same individuals you already do on Instagram. Additionally, your username, name, and settings, including your block list, will be automatically imported into the Threads app.

Instagram Threads - Data Privacy

If you’re familiar with using Twitter, you’ll find Threads to be also same. If you have imported your followers from Instagram, you will notice some familiar faces in your feed. You can engage with these posts or create your own by simply tapping the pencil icon located on the bottom navigation bar. A wide range of your favorite Instagram accounts, including Social Singam, are already active on Threads. To stay updated with their content, simply search for them and follow their accounts if you haven’t done so already.

Can you use Threads on the web?

You can access Thread posts and profiles on the web through a provided link, but you cannot log in to threads on the web using your own account, and create posts. The web interface allows for viewing and exploring Threads content.

How do you delete your Threads account? 

You cant delete your Threads account directly but you can deactivate your Threads account. If you want to delete the account completely, you must delete your Instagram account, according to Meta’s “Supplemental Privacy Policy.” After many users complained about this, Mosseri said that the company is “looking into a way to delete your Threads account separately.”

Can you DM people on Threads?

You can’t send a message to any of your followers or other users on the app. Mosseri said that the main goal is to “not build yet another inbox and instead let people send threads to other apps.”

Threads vs Other Top Social Apps

At its current rate of user adoption, Threads has the potential to reach 100 million users within a matter of days after its launch. This rapid growth surpasses the time taken by other applications to achieve the same milestone.

  • ChatGPT reached 100 million users in two months.
  •  TikTok reached 100 million users in nine months.
  •  Instagram reached 100 million users in two and a half years.
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