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May 24, 2024

How to Use Instagram Threads on the Web

Instagram Threads Website Version

Threads, the Meta’s answer to a social platform akin to Twitter, has expanded its accessibility to the web. Formerly confined to a mobile app, Threads can now be experienced on your desktop. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the navigation of Threads’ new desktop website.

Exploring the Threads on Website

If you haven’t explored the Threads website version yet, join us on this blog. We’ll cover how to access it, what features you can expect, and how to utilize Instagram’s thread website effectively.

Things to Do on Threads’ Website?

While you might not have access to all the features available on the Threads mobile app, there are still plenty of things you can perform on the Threads website.

  • Posting threads
  • Viewing your profile
  • Scrolling through your home timeline’s threads
  • Viewing individual threads and their replies
  • Liking threads
  • Searching for accounts
  • Following and reposting threads
  • Commenting on or replying to threads
  • Viewing notifications

There are still some things you can’t do on the Threads website such as

  • Edit your Threads profile
  • You can’t quote a thread (Tweet). if you select the quote option on the thread website, it shows “coming soon”.
  • Can’t access your account settings.

Accessing Threads Website Version

To access Threads on the web, open a web browser and navigate to Threads.net. If you have an existing Threads account linked to an Instagram account, simply log in using your Instagram credentials. The user can’t sign up/create a new Threads account. It can created only from an existing Instagram account, so you need your Insta username and password to log in.


Using Threads on the Web

Navigating and utilizing meta’s Threads on the web resembles the mobile experience. Here’s a breakdown of basic tasks:

The Main Icons

Most essential icons are located at the top of the screen:

  • Home Icon: To view or refresh your Home feed
  • Heart icon: To view notifications
  • Person icon: To view your own profile
  • Pen and paper icon: To compose a thread
  • Magnifying glass: For finding and following accounts

Navigating Your Threads Profile

When you’re on the web version of your Threads profile, you’ll notice several options. You can navigate using three tabs—Threads, Replies, and Reposts. These tabs organize your posts into different categories: your own thread posts, your replies on others’ threads, and the threads you’ve reposted. By selecting any of these tabs, you can view that particular type of post.

Moreover, selecting your number of followers allows you to see who follows you and whom you follow. Additionally, clicking on the Instagram icon enables you to visit your Instagram profile.

The Home Feed and Interacting with Others Threads

On the Home feed page, you’ll find two primary features at your disposal: a toggle button for changing your feed view and the “Start a thread…” option. As previously mentioned, you can switch between viewing modes on the Home feed, alternating between “For You” (showcasing recommended posts) and “Following” (displaying posts solely from accounts you follow). This switch is done by selecting a button situated in the lower-left corner of your screen. The button’s appearance changes based on the enabled mode (appearing as “Following” when in that mode). To switch modes, simply tap on this button.

The “Start a thread…” option is another way to initiate a thread post. By selecting “Start a thread…” positioned at the top of your Home feed, you’ll open a screen to create a new thread.

Engaging with others’ threads is straightforward, especially if you’re familiar with other top social media platforms. Here’s how you can interact:

  • To view a single thread and its responses: Click on the thread post itself to access a dedicated page for that specific post, which also showcases any comments related to it.
  • To like a thread: Click on the Heart icon situated below the thread post.
  • To comment on or reply to a thread: Click on the Speech bubble icon below the post.
  • To repost a thread: Click on the Pair of Arrows icon below the post.
  • To share a thread: Click on the Paper airplane icon below the post.

Other Notable Features

There are a few additional features within Threads on the web that don’t fall into the previously mentioned categories.

To follow another account, there are three methods you can use: hover over their account name, then choose “Follow,” or select the Plus sign icon on their profile picture followed by “Follow.” Alternatively, you can visit their profile page by selecting their account name and then opting to “Follow.”

For adjusting settings like enabling or disabling dark mode or logging out from Threads on the web, you’ll find these options in a single menu. Located in the top-right corner of your screen, the menu icon consists of a pair of horizontal lines. Click on this icon, and from the menu that appears, you can:

  • Choose “Switch appearance” to toggle dark mode on or off.
  • Select “Log out” to sign out of Threads on the web.

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