What is Facebook Live Streaming

On Dec 8th, 2016, Facebook opened up its live streaming feature, Facebook Live, to the public. Facebook Live is especially for interactive to your friends and followers and its best compared to other live streaming services. Throughout this broadcast, users can interact with the video using Facebook’s typical “reaction emojis.” Facebook’s 6 types of emotions such as like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry reactions will display in live videos, so viewers can use them.

Video content is more popular than ever before so all the social media marketing professionals move to live video streaming features in social media platforms. Between LiveStream, Periscope, Instagram Live, IGTV and Facebook Live, marketers use this opportunity and broader their marketing strategies.

Many business marketers have already created their Facebook business page and implemented Facebook marketing strategies, Facebook Live is one of the natural ways to go live streaming video and engage with their followers and audience. You can also go live from your own Facebook profile or business page.

In this article, We discuss Facebook Live features, benefits, and, of course, how to go live on Facebook with confidence.

How to Go Live on Facebook

Facebook Live lets you live stream video directly from your web, Android, or iOS device. Creating and streaming live content might sound like a challenging process, but it’s a straightforward one on the Facebook mobile app. Here’s how to step by step guide go Facebook live.

  1. Go to your Facebook News Feed and press the Live option (the camcorder icon).
  2. Write a small description of your live video.
  3. If you need any Audience Restrictions, select a privacy setting by tapping the ellipsis in the bottom right corner, and hide an account.
  4. Add a Facebook Live filter, lens, or doodle (if you want).
  5. Press the “Start Live Video” button.

Facebook Live Streaming Features

Live Contributor: If you’re a Facebook page admin, you can able to assign specific people to go live on behalf of you. Before this was difficult if you had a large team of contributors need the approval of admins to broadcast live on Facebook. But now your page Contributors can simply start facebook live and share interesting and newsworthy content through video streaming.

Pin Live Comments: Now you can pin and highlight great comments for your viewers. Facebook recently added this pin comments feature to the bottom of your live broadcasts.

Video Permalinks: Facebook is now adding permalinks for all your shared videos. It will be in this format: facebook.com/pagename/videos. Viewers will see all your previous live and non-live videos by visiting your page with permalinks.

Crossposting Live Broadcast Ends: After your Facebook Live broadcast has ended, you can now publish that video to multiple pages at once. Before this update, you could only crosspost your uploaded videos to pages that had the same business manager and pages with different owners.

Video Insights for Profiles: Those who have 5,000 or more followers on the page will gain access to some new metrics, for both live and uploaded videos. The Video Insights for Profiles metrics will include:

· Total number of video posts.

· Total minutes viewed.

· Total number of views.

· Total number of Profile followers

· Total engagement (reactions, comments, shares).

Besides, these people will be get aggregated insights for every video they post on over a week or monthly and 60-day periods.

Benefits Facebook Live Feature

Live Videos have a 148% higher organic reach than photos so Facebook live will increase your page reach. There are a few more reasons for Facebook Live Videos is, it is to be incorporated into your Social Media Marketing Strategy now. Here some of the legitimate benefits when brands streaming a Live Video on Facebook:

· Drives More Traffic to Your Facebook Pages.

· Create a good relationship with the Audience.

· It Provides Unique Content and shares Information Immediately.

· Facebook Live is a Cost-Effective Video Marketing Strategy.

· Can create more hype when the event and Product Releases.