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Facebook globally launched a new mobile version of the Creator Studio app for mobile devices including iPhone and iPad which helps to manage your Facebook Pages on mobile devices. Publishers and creators will now able to manage the content of their Facebook pages using this new app and track performance, which was previously only available through its official website.

On the day launch of Creator Studio, another famous Facebook Watch was launched and in the end, it was missed by many. To find this feature, log into your Facebook Page and go to “Publishing Tools” and under “Tools” click on “Creator Studio.” This creator app is a replacement for Facebook’s old ‘Creator’ app because the company shut down in March 2019. That app was launched under the title of ‘Mentions’ back in 2014.

Features of New Facebook Creator Studio

The interface of Creator Studio’s Home is divided into three major sections. On the center side, you can see your published posts and you can also search for a post by using keywords. On the right side, you can see insights of posts from the past seven days, and it contains the information about the number of posts published, scheduled, as well as drafts made in the past 28 days. On the left side, you can see the menu which allows you to access different views of Creator Studio.

The Content Library allows you to sort among post types, dates, statuses, and other filters to view the activity of posts. You can also see videos from other pages that you can crosspost on your page. 

Insights section is the most interesting part of the Creator Studio. This section reveals stats for your videos and helps you to show your top content based on minutes viewed, video views, and reactions of the post. We can also check the followers’ activity such as how many users were returning the page and for how long they watched your videos by automated insights.

The inbox view allows you to manage Facebook page messages and comments directly from within Creator Studio. You can also access Rights Manager which is the third party tool that can protect your content on Facebook. This Creator Studio also gives you access to Sound Collection which has some famous tracks and sound effects that you can use in your videos. 

So overall, Creator Studio is a valuable tool for all Facebook Page admins which allows you to track and maintain the content performance of your pages even if you manage multiple Facebook Pages. 

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