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May 24, 2024
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World Health Organization Partners With TikTok on Corona Virus Information Program

World Health Organization Partners With TikTok on Corona Virus Information Program - Social Singam

The World Health Organization (WHO) launched a new TikTok account on last week Friday to cut the coronavirus outbreak misinformation online. WHO, a public health agency of the United Nations is working to contain the spread of the virus. 

With all social media platforms looking at how they can help their users to keep up to date with accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic, surprisingly this week TikTok has announced a new partnership program with the World Health Organization that they can live-stream from the WHO where users will be able to ask questions to experts. Over the past few weeks TikTok has been filleded with many serious and funny memes about the novel coronavirus with some users also pretending to be infected by this. 

As per TikTok newsroom report:

“At TikTok we’re focused on supporting our users by providing accurate information and resources from public health officials, as well as continued support, encouragement, and uplifting videos that our community share wiring this challenging time. To that end, we’ve partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) to create an informational page on TikTok that provides trustworthy information, offers tips on staying safe and preventing the spread of the virus, and dispels myths around COVID-19.” 

In WHO’s first video they wrote in the description of “We are joining [TikTok] to provide you with reliable and timely public health advice,”   

Benedetta Allegranzi, technical lead of infection prevention and control, describes the measures that people should take to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus and redirects the users to the official website for more additional information. 

The Cornoa virus information resources can be accessed via the Discover tab in the TikTok app. It’s also shows on the top results when users search for coronavirus-related topics. TikTok’s also adding a WHO website link to the page on videos which may relate to coronavirus. 

WHO also focusing on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tencent to outbreak fighting misinformation regarding the Corona virus. 

If you’re interested to watch WHO’s Q and A season on TikTok, go to the official WHO TikTok profile and catch their live-stream at 17th march, 12 PM GMT.

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