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May 6, 2024
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Tinder Introduces Share My Date Feature

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Share My Data Feature

It’s become a common practice for folks to snap screenshots of dating profiles and share them with friends and family for feedback or to keep them in the loop about weekend plans. Now, Tinder is making this sharing process even easier with a new feature called “Share My Date.”

Tinder revealed on April 22, 2024, that users will now have the ability to generate a link containing all the pertinent details of their upcoming date, such as the match’s name, rendezvous spot, date, and time. Additionally, there’s a space for users to add a personalized note at the bottom. These links can be shared up to 30 days in advance of the date and are fully editable, allowing users to tweak the information as needed.

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“Share My Date” links are accessible to all recipients, including those who don’t use Tinder. Friends who have a Tinder account can view the match’s complete profile but are unable to engage with it, such as messaging the match. Non-users, however, will only see a condensed version of the profile when accessed through their browser, limited to the match’s photos, name, and age, as explained by a Tinder spokesperson to TechCrunch.

Similar to Tinder’s “Matchmaker” feature, where users’ friends can suggest potential matches, the “Share My Date” link has a limited lifespan. This measure is implemented to discourage individuals from sharing the link on social media platforms, as explained by the spokesperson.

Tinder - Share My Date Feature

This new feature is inspired by Tinder’s user data, revealing that 51% of singles under 30 inform their friends about their upcoming dates’ details.

At Tinder, we continue to release new features that aim to create a fun, safe, and respectful experience for all,” said Tinder CMO Melissa Hobley. “Discussing plans with friends and family is a time-honored dating ritual. Share My Date streamlines this basic info-sharing so singles can jump right to the exciting part, from figuring out what to wear to prepping conversation topics.

Share my data will roll out in the upcoming months across the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, India, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, Singapore, Switzerland, Mexico, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.

The introduction of “Share My Date” arrives amidst a period of sluggish growth for dating apps. In January of last year, installations in the U.S. only reached approximately 12.7 million, marking a modest 2.38% increase compared to the nearly 16% surge observed in the preceding year. Furthermore, in the fourth quarter of 2023, Tinder experienced an 8% year-over-year decline in its total number of paying subscribers, dropping to 10 million.

Match Group, the parent company overseeing platforms such as Tinder, Match, Hinge, OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, among others, is scheduled to unveil its first-quarter 2024 earnings report on Wednesday, May 8th.

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