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How To Fix Viber App Errors and Common Problems [Updated 2022]

How To Fix Viber App Errors and Common Problems

Viber App Errors and Solutions

Viber is one of the most popular and free and secure messaging apps with free voice calls, sending pictures, gifs, stickers, video messages, and much more like WhatsApp and messenger. The app is easy to work with and you only need your phone number to sign up for a Viber account. However many users are facing lots of issues while using this app such as crashing, freezing, and stopped working on android and iPhone.

In this article, we’re going to give solutions to fix some of the common Viber issues. Before you fix any issues, back up your Viber data by using online backup tools like AppTrans or MobileTrans.

Is Viber App Safe To Use?

Yes! Viber is a free, safe, and secure messaging application to use on mobile and desktops. Rakuten Viber app uses an end-to-end encryption method to send and receive messages. So it protects messages from being read by a third party. The message coming from your device is encrypted before it is sent to your contact. But in general, No app can be considered “secure” unless it explicitly requires you to purchase a specific-use certificate that employs better than 1024-bit encryption and you have a way of verifying that it uses that certificate.

#1 How To Fix Viber App Crashed Frequently

If your Viber application keeps on crashing or closing while you are trying to use some of its features, there could be an underlying issue that needs to be resolved. The main reason for this happens is your cache is full and the app doesn’t have enough memory to run, which you can solve by cleaning out the cache through the Settings/Apps & Notification menu. 

Go To Mobile Settings →Choose Application Manager/Management →Select Apps List→Fin Viber App → Then Tap ‘Clear Cache and Clear Data. Now Restart your mobile and open the Viber app to use. 

Use the Latest Version of the Viber Messenger App

Many users faced Viber download errors on their devices, so always download and use the latest updated version of the app from the app store or google play store based on the mobile OS. Viber Messenger is also available for the desktop version. So that it won’t be crashed and you will get a new user interface and features if they update. While downloading, the Viber download media notification is stuck, restart the process again In case of Viber not working on Mac, iPhone, or Android, you have an option to send a crash report and also get help from the contact Viber support team. 

#2 How to Fix Viber Messages not Sending or Receiving

When Viber is working properly, it must be sending and receive text messages immediately. If Viber not sending messages on your iPhone or Android device, there might be something wrong with connectivity or update issues. Make sure that your Wi-Fi or mobile internet is turned on and that your device is connected to a strong network and then check whether your messages are being sent or not. Another cause of this issue could be that the person you are sending the message to has deleted Viber since your last contact, but this is not something you can fix.

To fix this Viber not sending messages issue, follow the below steps.

Step 1. Go to the “Settings” page of your Viber app.

Step 2. Then choose “Privacy” settings and click on “Disable” and the “Collect analytics” button.

Step 3. Next, check your “Messages” setting to ensure it is enabled.

If this solution does not solve the Viber not receiving messages or Viber message not delivered problem, then you can refresh your iPhone with a simple restart.

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#3 How to Fix Viber Can’t Find Contacts

If you can’t find your mobile contacts on your Viber app then there is an issue in synchronizing your contacts with the app. The Viber app usually syncs with your phone’s contacts and gives access to any number that is on your contacts list via Viber. However, this may not be the case especially when Viber not working on the iPhone problem is at hand. This then indicates that the sync functionality is facing some disruptions. Just follow these steps and fix this Viber contact unavailable issue,

Step 1. Open the “Settings” on the Viber app then click on “General” and then on “Sync contacts” to make them viewable.

Step 2. Click on “Mail” and then scroll and tap on “Contacts”.

Step 3. Select “Import SIM Contacts” to make them visible on your Viber app.

Now there is a possibility to show all your disappeared Viber contacts will be visible.

#4 How To Fix Viber Network Connection Error

It is one of the common errors on Viber desktop and mobile applications which fail to connect to the network so that Viber messenger is unable to access. It mainly happens because the app has a default Sleep setting that prevents it from connecting unless this option is manually deactivated. 

To resolve this Viber app problem, you need to open the main menu in Viber→ Tap on Settings and then General → open the Wi-Fi Sleep Policy window where you should choose the ‘Always connected’ check box. 

It immediately connects Viber to the web and lets you send and receive messages and calls from your online contacts.

Viber App Network Connection Error

#5 How To Fix Viber Video Call Not Working

Making a video call on Viber is very simple with just one tap but for some users, this option is not working. There are a few possible reasons for this issue occurring, so you need to check them one by one. An interrupted or slow network is one main reason but if your messages are working normally and other apps show no signs of slowing down, the failure of video calls could have something to do with a failure of Viber installation. In this case, you need to delete the app and download it again from the app store.

To fix Viber free call not working, to iPhone camera not being able to connect to the camera on Viber. Follow these quick steps to fix it.

Step 1. Open the “Settings” on the app and tap on the “Privacy” menu.

Step 2. Next, click on the “Camera” menu to see the available social media apps currently installed on your phone.

Step 3. Choose the “Viber” app and then toggle on it to enable the functionality. 

Now you can video call any contacts without facing any issues.

#6 Viber App not Ringing on iOS and Android

Viber not ringing is one of the most common issues on both iOS and Android platforms. This doesn’t always mean app-side issues. Sometimes we might have our ringtones disabled or use a do-not-disturb profile.

Viber App Not Ringing

Viber doesn’t ring when your mobile is locked. When you get a call your display shows you the notification, but you don’t hear that ringing sound. 

To solve the Viber app not ringing problem, go to your Wi-Fi settings, choose Advanced, and check to Keep Wi-Fi on When Screen Times Out.

Your phone may not be using the internet when it’s locked so you don’t receive notifications until you unlock it. So the way to prevent it is to ensure that the phone has access to Wi-Fi while it is in sleep mode.

On your iPhone, you can choose a notification type in your iPhone Settings app. In this app, click on Notifications, go to Alert Style, and choose either Alerts or Banner. This will allow you to hear your Viber messages.

#7 Viber Desktop Not Working

Users can download the Viber app mac or Viber desktop applications for windows 10 on the Microsoft store directly. However, some users can’t always open the Viber app when a “This app can’t open” error arises on the desktop. That’s not an entirely unusual error for UWP apps, and various resolutions might fix a Viber app not opening in Windows 10.

For Viber Desktop to work, you need the following ports for TCP and UDP:

  • 4244
  • 5243
  • 5245
  • 7985
  • 80
  • 443

These ports can be opened if you go to the Control Panel and find Windows Firewall. Then, click on Advanced Settings, and on the left, there’s the Inbound Rules table. Inside, click on New Rule, and the wizard will open.

In the New Inbound Rule Wizard, click Port and Next. Select TCP and enter the ports we’ve mentioned above. Click on Next, and then Allow the Connection. Proceed until the end of the New Inbound Rule Wizard and name it Viber. Click “Finish”, and your ports will be opened. The same procedure is for UDP, so you’ll only need to choose it in the NIRL (New Inbound Rule Wizard).


Fixing any Viber issues will not be a problem if you follow the correct steps and updated version of the app also if you have any uncommon issues, you can always contact Viber’s customer service/support at any time and resolve your issues.

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