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Google Helps You to Find Nearest Voting Location – US Election 2020


US Presidential Election

The World’s eyes are on the US election 2020 is scheduled on Nov 3rd which will be the 59th quadrennial presidential election between current USA President Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Both candidates starting their campaigns and done their first presidential debate last month. But Trump has refused to participate in the second US presidential election debate after it was announced the event would be held virtually due to his diagnosis.   

Google’s Find Nearby Polling Location Feature

So voters who want to know the nearest polling place or ballot dropbox to register your vote? Tech giant Google Inc, recently in a new blog post says launched a new feature for US voters to find nearest voting locations by their search engine, Google assistant, and maps. 


People who go to Google Search to find voting information, now they can easily find details while search ‘early voting locations’ or ‘ballot drop boxes near me’, providing voters with details on where they can vote in-person or return their mail-in ballot. 

This feature is also extended to Google Assistant. If you’ve got an Assistant-powered device nearby (An android phone, Nest Mini, or Nest Hub), so voters can ask ‘Hey Google, where do I vote?’ and they get details via an Assistant-enabled smartphone, smart speaker, or smart display.      

Same as if someone searching for “voting locations near me” in the Google Maps in a mobile app, it shows results based on location by tapping the “Directions” button will get the nearest voting place details. 

Google product manager Yunhan Xu says the reason to highlight polling locations directly in Search in Maps comes after searches for “how to vote” in the US reached record-highs this year.

Google says, they pulling its nearby polling location information from the Voting Information Project as partnered with Democracy Works and state election officials. The company says they’ll be adding more polling places until US Election Day, expecting to have more than 200,000 in the system when all is said and done.

Official Website for US Election 2020

If you feel don’t want to get your polling place details from Google search, maps, and assistant or just want more clarification about polling locations? There’s an always official site like Vote.org and usa.gov/voting also provides info on checking your voter registration status, becoming a poll worker, etc.

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