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Influencer Marketing: Do’s and Don’ts

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Today’s the age of influencers, who hold more power than even established brands. Consumers trust influencers more than big conglomerates. That’s why influencers can even positively or negatively impact the sales of a new product or service. 

According to SEO Toronto experts, Influencer marketing is gaining a lot more traction than traditional marketing mediums nowadays. However, you should follow the do’s and don’ts to get the maximum benefit out of it. In this article, you’ll know about exactly that. So, let’s begin!

The DO’s of Influencer Marketing

  1. Research thoroughly

Before contacting any influencer, you need to research thoroughly on your end. Find online influencers who align with your values and target audience. Focus more on their content’s quality, engagement rates, and audience demographics. 

  1. Have authentic relationships

The USP of influencer marketing is authenticity. So, you need to have authentic relationships with the influencers as well. Engage with what they are posting on social platforms, and appreciate them for their work. This will make them trust you and have a great working relationship. 

  1. Set definite objectives

List out all your goals and objectives before launching any influencer campaign. Whether you want enhanced brand awareness or more sales, set clear objectives. Having measurable KPIs will ensure you get success. 

  1. Collaborate on creative briefs

Collaboration is the bedrock of influencer marketing. So, work closely with influencers to develop creative briefs according to your brand messaging and campaign objectives. Just give out the guidelines to the influencer but leave ample space for their creativity to shine. 

  1. Announce sponsored content

Make sure that the influencers formally announce the sponsored content by complying with the advertising regulations. It will build trust in your target audience, protecting you from legal issues as well. 

The Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

  1. Follow vanity metrics

Never ever follow metrics like followers or likes. They don’t give out the true picture and fail to reflect the real value of an influencer. 

  1. Neglect the impact of micro-influencers

Don’t neglect the impact of micro-influencers. Although they don’t have millions of followers like celebrities, they have higher engagement rates and loyal audiences. Moreover, they offer a more affordable option to reach niche demographics and get great results. 

  1. Control influencer’s content

You don’t need to micromanage the influencer’s content. Trust them once you’ve chosen them above other people you were considering once, and give them the creative freedom upon established guidelines. 

  1. Ignore relationship building

Don’t ignore building relationships with the influencers. Make a long-term connection with them to have a great partnership. 

  1. Not giving value to analytics and feedback

If you are overlooking the importance of analytics and feedback, your influencer marketing campaigns might not give the expected results. You should constantly analyze the campaign’s performance and look at the audience feedback to adapt regularly.

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Influencer marketing has left behind many established marketing mediums in today’s digital world. If you want to get the benefits associated with this marketing channel, follow the do’s and don’ts diligently. It will help you in getting compound results for your brand along with establishing a great working relationship with the influencer. 

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