Telegram Premium Subscription

Telegram, the cloud-based encrypted instant messaging service platform and is one of the top 5 most downloaded apps in 2022, announced on Sunday (jun-19-2022) that it has surpassed 700 million active monthly users, and rolling out a new premium subscription plan for their users. The Telegram app company didn’t tell how much it is charging for the premium tier, but the monthly subscription appears to be priced in the range of $5 to $6, and it varies based on location. For iPhone users in India, the premium version is priced at $6 and has a monthly cost of €5.49 ($5.77) in Spain.

Telegram Premium Features

  • Up to 4 GB File Uploads
  • Faster Downloads
  • Doubled Limits
  • Voice-to-Text
  • Premium Animation Stickers
  • Emoji Reactions
  • Chat Management
  • Animated Profile Pictures
  • Premium Badges
  • Premium App Icons
  • Ads Free Telegram Profile

“By subscribing to Telegram Premium, users unlock doubled limits, 4 GB file uploads, faster downloads, exclusive stickers and reactions, improved chat management – and a whole lot more,” read the Telegram announcement.

Telegram paid users will unlock more ways to react to messages, with over 10 new emojis like 👌😍❤️‍🔥💯 (and the new favorites 🤡🌭🐳).

Telegram Premium Badges

All paid subscribers get a Premium special badge ( ) that appears next to their name in the chat list, chat headers, and member lists in groups – showing that they help support Telegram and are part of the club that receives exclusive features first.

Join Requests for Public Groups

In Telegram, the public groups can now enable join requests – By this, group admins can review new members’ requests before approving them to write in the chat. Users who open the group can tap Request to Join, adding their request to a list that only admins can access.

Owners of public groups can enable join requests via Group Info > Edit > Group Type > Who Can Send Messages > select Only Members > enable Approve New Members.

Animated Profile Pictures

The profile videos of premium users will animate for everyone throughout the app – including in chats and the chat list. So that everyone sees your new look, or creativity with a unique looping animation Picture.

Verification Badges in Chat

Public top figures, celebrities, and organizations can verify their group, channel, or bot – receiving a verification badge to show users that messages are coming from a trusted source. In addition, the verified accounts now appear at the top of the chat and also search results.

Telegram Verification – If you’re verified on at least two social networks, you can get a telegram verified badge for your page, group, channel, or bot.

Telegram Bots Creation

The Bot API is a free and open platform, available for everyone to build their own bot. Bots on Telegram can help you take quizzes, games, tools, accept payments and even build new websites. Bot developers can now include a photo or video in the “What can this bot do?” section of their bots to show off their features.

Telegram Bot

The Dubai-based company’s CEO, Pavel Durov, confirmed that free features would remain free even though it adds more features for paid members. It’s the first time an instant social messaging app with hundreds of millions of users has rolled out a premium tier. The top messaging apps and telegram’s alternative apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Apple’s Messages, and Google’s Messages also don’t offer a premium tier.

In March 2021, Telegram raised over $1 billion from several investors including Mubadala and Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners by selling 5-year pre-IPO convertible bonds.

They believe that Telegram’s development should be driven primarily by its users, not advertisers. This way our users will always remain our main priority.

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Telegram – Secure Messaging Application

Telegram is an open-source, cross-platform, cloud-based messaging and video calling app that was initially launched for iOS on 14th Aug 2013. Now it’s one of most downloaded and used communication & messaging application that support all android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux devices with 500 million active users. It provides end-to-end encrypted voice & video calls and users can send text and voice messages, animated stickers, and share unlimited images, documents (2GB per file), user locations, contacts, music, and much more.   

Now, this messaging platform plans to launch a Telegram monetizing strategy in 2021, said founder Pavel Durov. 

Durov said he has personally paid all expenses of this company’s growth from his savings so far, but as the startup scales, he is looking for ways to monetize the instant messaging service. “A project of our size needs at least a few hundred million dollars per year to keep going,” he said. He also said he doesn’t have any plan to sell Telegram as WhatsApp founders did. The world required Telegram to remain autonomous as a spot where clients are regarded and top-notch administration is guaranteed.

Telegram Voice Chat Feature

A few weeks back, Telegram also introduced a new group Voice Chats feature which is similar to Discord’s always-on room, supports a few thousand participants.

Telegram’s Pay for Services Model

Telegram plans to launch numerous new features and attract a billion more new users. All the features that currently free, still remain the same for all users whereas premium users will pay for certain features. They will introduce their own ad platform for public one-to-many channels that is user-friendly, high user privacy, and allows us to pay for the costs of server and traffic, Durov wrote on his Telegram channel.

“On the off chance that we adapt enormous public one-to-numerous channels by means of the Ad Platform, the proprietors of these channels will get free traffic with respect to their size,” he composed. Another way Telegram could adapt its administration is through premium stickers with “extra expressive highlights,” he composed. “The specialists who make stickers of this new sort will likewise get a piece of the benefit. We need a large number of Telegram-based makers and private companies to flourish, improving the experience of every one of our clients.” 

A few experts were trusted that Telegram would have the option to adapt the stage through its blockchain token venture. In any case, after a few postponements and administrative inconveniences, Telegram said in May that it had chosen to abandon the project.

Telegram abandons its TON blockchain platform

For this project, Dubai-based Telegram had raised $1.7 billion from speculators in 2018. It had intended to circulate its token, called grams, in the wake of building up the blockchain programming. Telegram offered to return $1.2 billion to investors recently this year. 

“Message has an interpersonal interaction measurement. Our gigantic public one-to-numerous channels can have a great many endorsers each and are more similar to Twitter channels. In numerous business sectors, the proprietors of such channels show advertisements to bring in cash, here and there utilizing outsider promotion stages.