Twitter officially announced that users can able to schedule tweets by web version on Twitter. Scheduling tweets were only available with TweetDeck or other third-party tools, now Twitter offers this feature on its own platform. Twitter starts experimenting with this feature last November itself and it is now available to all Twitter users. This feature is very helpful for business and professionals to tweet regularly and increase twitter followers.

While using Twitter in a web browser, users will now see an option to schedule a tweet from the composer screen. 

This new feature lets users schedule a tweet for any time you’d like, as long as it’s within the next 18 months. The pop-up window includes the time zone that you used, so you can more easily understand when the tweet will be published. Here you can also see a list of scheduled tweets, which helps plan to schedule multiple tweets. 

How to Schedule a Tweet on Twitter’s Website

  • First, open the twitter on the web and compose your tweet.
  • Then, click the calendar icon, instead of hitting send.
  • Once you clicked it shows the date and time, now you choose when you want to post this tweet.
Schedule Tweets on Twitter - Social Singam

From this window, you can also view a list of all scheduled tweets and make adjustments if needed.

schedule a tweet calendar - social singam

Save Drafts on Twitter

Along with the scheduled tweets feature, there is also another new feature announced on the Twitter website, which is users can able to save tweet drafts. Recently, the social network made that inline composer retains its text as it if the user navigates to other parts of the website and it only saved the text as long as you stayed on Twitter. But now, you can draft tweets and resume them later. The positive thing about this feature is, Twitter users can take time and post a thoughtful tweet that is sending out to the world.

Before this feature when you click out of the pop-up tweet composer area, the website would usually ask if you want to discard the current tweet or finish it. Now, the pop-up question has been reworded as “Discard” or “Save”. If you’re familiar with saving drafts on the Twitter mobile app – it works the same way on the web version.

Drafts Tweet - Social Singam

However, Twitter users must keep in mind that schedule tweet feature only available on the web platform and the drafts saved on the web app will only be available on the web app platform, while the drafts saved on the mobile app will only be available there, as the feature is yet to be integrated among the platforms.

More than 330M active users on Twitter, it has the potential to drive more traffic to your website, promote your products or services, get more views on your content, and increase your influence on the web.

Your entire Twitter marketing strategy is based on number of followers on your account and its increased brand’s visibility. In Twitter, you can automate many things but you have to act like a human in your Twitter strategy. You will also get an opportunity to connect with other users and make deep connections that will be beneficial to your business and many other ways.

Do you want to increase more Twitter followers fastly but you’re not sure how to make the ‘magic’ happen? Then here are the best tips and strategies to get more followers in twitter organically. 

How to Get Followers on Twitter Fast

Optimize Your Profile

Optimizing your Twitter profile is the first and foremost thing. Before someone follows you, they’ll usually take a look at your profile. Twitter bios are indexed by search engines, so make sure you’ve filled everything with a great profile photo, perfect bio, location, and website address if you have. 

Tweet More

Same as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, Twitter also requires a more effective content strategy. According to the CoSchedule report, three to seven tweets per day will maximize your followers’ engagement. 

The key to increase followers online is to not promote yourself only also Retweet your followers’ tweets. Share relevant industry articles, buzzworthy stats, news updates. A Twitter feed with fresh content has indicated lets potential followers know that you’re active, engaging, as well as worth following.

Schedule Your Tweets

Scheduling your social media posts not only saves your time but also leads to getting more followers. Your followers will come to expect tweets from you at certain times of the day so if you stop tweeting consistently, you’ll see the drop in followers count.

According to Sprout’s research on the best times to post on social media, brands typically see the most engagement during weekdays in the early and late afternoons. Social media posting time may vary depends on your country’s time zone and audience. 

There are many great social media management apps for scheduling tweets including monthly Post Planner or calendar!

Pin your Best Tweet

Pin your most liked or more reached tweet on top of your profile. This will give more value to your account and also get more followers on Twitter instantly. You can also embed your Twitter feed on your website and it’s one of the best SEO strategies too.

Tweet More Visual Content

The tweets containing visual content like images, videos, or gifs to receive more likes, shares, and retweets than normal text. Also, there is nothing wrong with solely text-based tweets.  

Meanwhile, infographics posts shared three times more often than any other type of image on Twitter. And video content posts are six times more likely to be shared than a typical text-based tweet. 

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way for your posts searchable, attract most followers and almost as a form of SEO for your Twitter account. According to data, tweets with at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement than those without them.

For example, you can use industry hashtags such as #SEO or #contentmarketing for your professional content and reach more audience, use popular community hashtags such as #MondayMotivation and #ThrowbackThursday

By taking advantage of Twitter analytics, you can see insights like impressions, clicks, retweets and top-performing tags for your particular brand.

Upload Your Email Contacts

By uploading your email account on twitter, you will find your contacts that all are on twitter and you can start your community of ‘mutual’ off right. Don’t hesitate to tag influencers and brands in your tweet. 

Use Twitter Features

Make a Twitter poll and ask a question to engage your followers. Use the Live Tweeting feature and share valuable information with your followers. This will surely is the best hack to gain more followers on Twitter.

Use Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great way to find people of similar interests and gain followers. If you want to follow or follow them back, first you need to catch their attention.

Few warnings about Twitter Chats:

  • Don’t hijack the Twitter chat, let others talk.
  • Never share your service or products links on Twitter chat, unless asked
  • Everyone can see your tweets, so tweet wisely.
  • Don’t use abusive words or spam content.

Find New Followers

Like Twitter chats, finding new followers who are interested in your niche is crucial to your Twitter growth. Follow influencers in your industry and be sure to retweet their valuable posts once or twice per day.

Twitter lists are also one of the great ways to add people to your lists, follow and retweet followers’ content. If someone retweets or comments your tweet, be sure to reply back and thank them with a personal message but not an automated response!

Promote Your Twitter Account

Don’t expect people to start following you if just having a Twitter account. You’ll need to find creative ways to get others to follow you through both online and offline.

Things like:

  • Run Twitter Ads
  • Word of Mouth to your friends and family members
  • Use Twitter account name in Business Cards
  • Include your Twitter handle in the email signature

Get Verified Account

Every brand’s and individual’s aims to get a verified blue tick (de facto status) symbol from twitter to showcase they are authentic and loyal. 

Note: From 2019, twitter pauses the verification process but still if you check or apply twitter verification, check this link Twitter Verified Accounts

There are lots of free and paid followers increase tools available online but those are mostly spam and bot followers. So it will not add any value to your account and you have to spend more time to unfollow twitter accounts who looks like inactive for more months.  

Follow these tips and increase your twitter followers organically and make your brand/business visible social media.