TikTok Anti Bullying Tool Feature

Today, the world’s best short music video sharing social media app TikTok introduced an anti-bullying tool that allows creators to deal with online abuse issues more simply. The Chinese company launched a new tool that will allow video creators to bulk delete comments and block users, instead of having to moderate comments one by one. The update might be fairly dubious, as it permits makers to clergyman a persona where the substance they’ve posted is generally welcomed when truly, it had a great deal of pushback or remedy from the more extensive TikTok people group. 

image of delete bulk comments on tiktok video

How to Delete Multiple Comments on TikTok Video

This new bulk delete comment feature doesn’t solve these problems, but it may allow creators to clean up their comment section and block trolls quickly enough that they can re-establish some semblance of control over their profile.

  • Go to TikTok Video Comment Section
  • Long-press on a comment or tap the pencil icon in the upper-left corner
  • Now you can select up to 100 comments or accounts to delete or report at a time.

TikTok Bulk Delete Comment Option Available Countries

TikTok says the new feature is rolling out first to Great Britain, South Korea, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Thailand, and will continue to expand to other markets globally in the weeks to come, including the U.S.

Twitter had confronted this equivalent issue previously, and eventually split the contrast between giving the first banner authority over the discussion or surrendering that control to the Twitter client base on the loose. With “Twitter’s Hidden Replies” included, it permits clients to fold every one of the pointless and inconsiderate remarks behind an additional snap — that way, the actual answers were not eliminated, however, they weren’t permitted to wreck a discussion. 

TikTok, then again, is placing full control in the possession of the maker. That is a more Facebook-like methodology, where clients can erase anything they need from showing up on their own TikTok profile — remembering remarks for their posts that they don’t care for.

This might be the correct decision for TikTok since its interpersonal organization is chiefly intended to have discussions through recordings. Video designs like two-part harmonies and join permit TikTok users to respond and answer to other substances on the site, while likewise making a new substance that raises the creator’s profile. A few TikTok influencers and business profiles can utilize this for their potential benefit. They single out others who’ve posted something they can’t help contradicting — regularly content that falls in line between being a “terrible assessment” and one that abuses rules around deception. They then two-part harmony or line (or green screen two-part harmony) that substance to share their own considerations regarding the matter.

Nonetheless, this interaction can send a unit of furious fans over to the next video, where they continue to savage and pester the first banner. (How much that is a justified response may rely upon your own position on the post and the legislative issues being referred to.)

TikTok says such abuses can be “debilitating.” It has been for a portion of TikTok’s initial stars, such as Charli D’Amelio, a high school young lady who by one way or another soared to TikTok fame, where she currently has almost 116 million adherents. D’Amelio has started to talk all the more openly about the drawbacks of her online acclaim, saying she currently thinks that it’s hard to track down happiness on TikTok due to the mounting analysis she gets there. This incorporates the harmful comments she got, the body disgracing, and managing the serious, untrustworthy nature of the influencer set, in addition to other things.

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