What is Social Media Management?

Social media is generated worldwide where all of us get connected. This business would be passionate about everyone’s growth. Social media management is an organic approach. Here we build and post the contents persistently. This helps us to engage with our community. But it’s a long-term strategy to reach the rewards and benefits of those tremendous improvements by increasing our followers. The general targets could be achieved only after a year. The average social media user spends over 2 hours on social media daily across an average of 8 top social media platforms.


  • Enumerating a brand awareness
  • Costs effective
  • Clientele
  • Perspective view
  • Dedication

Best Social Media Management Tools

The right marketing tool establishes our brand very well and is quite different. This helps us to find the balancing ability among quality, affordability, and automation. Normally, it is hard to choose the best tool for the respective things. However, the right software only creates a good pop-up to reach the audience. Each ad’s pop-up gives a conversational experience. Nowadays, the audience were anticipating more technology deeply for many insights. It’s our glee to deliver the reputed contents and making viewers compatible by which we can maintain these kinds of long-lasting trends. According to the new survey, 84% of B2B decision-makers are between the ages of 18 and 34 years old, suggest using social media to support their company growth.

Let’s discuss the best top 7 social media management tools which are cited below:

#1 Hootsuite

Everyone’s on social media these days. Taking photos of their food, following the latest influencers but as a business, social can feel like a party you’re not invited to. Hootsuite can also be used with the tools you know and love, like Google Drive, MailChimp, and Dropbox. This is one of the powerful social media posting schedule tools for the business which saves time and does multiple tasks. With Hootsuite, we can join the party with one by which that the platform grows with you and your popularity. 

This Hootsuite has been using more than 18+ million marketers and top-level companies. This supports more than 50 social media profiles with an option to schedule unlimited posts with awesome social media calendar and analytics options.

Interacts with:


  • Limited free trial plan for 30 days.
  • Professional plan for $49 /month.
  • Team plan is built at $129/month.
  • Business is organized at $599/month.
  • For the Enterprise plan, you can contact their support team for the best offer

Hootsuite Pricing and Features

#2 Loomly

Loomly is a home base and high-level view of everything you have coming up. Everything in the Loomly product revolves around the concept of calendars. You can take a container to organize the content for your project brand business or location. Loomly gives you post ideas, based on trending topics, RSS feeds, date-related events, and social media best practices. They help to store all relevant assets in your calendar’s library. The successive results can be measured with advanced analytics and monitor metrics. This social media scheduling tool supports 50+ social media account which is one of the best alternates for Hootsuite.

Interacts with:

  • Good time management for scheduling the posts than other apps.
  • Customized for each channel.
  • Easily engaged with our community.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Free plan for 15 days.
  • Base tier is at $25/month.
  • Standard tier at $57/month.
  • Advanced tier starts from $119/month.
  • Premium plan starts at $249/month.

Loomly Pricing and Features

#3 Hubspot

Today, starting and also growing a company has never been easier. The problem is those shortsighted tactics that used to work, things like forcing deals and growing at the expense of your customers, don’t work in a world where they have options. Hubspot’s platform helps you to build a flywheel for growth, with everything you need to market, sell, and service your customers the right way, all in one place. They deliver with every shape and size. It is an all-in-one social media inbound marketing software that helps to manage and run social media campaigns. This is one of the best and most used marketing tools for business. Hubspot academy offers various sales, service, and marketing certification courses online to everyone.

Interacts with:

  • With a marketing hub, you can attract more audiences by giving useful content.
  • Sales hub gives everything they need to sell in a more personalized way. 
  • Service hub gives us the solutions. 
  • CRM brings everything into a single shared view with an optimized exposure than any tools.


Sometimes works for free but the starter plan starts from $45/month, the Professional tier plan is at $800/month and the enterprise plan starts at $3200 per month. 

Hubspot Pricing and Features

#4 Agorapulse

Agorapulse keeps teams organized and on top of social media. They simply connect your profiles and get inbox scheduling tools and clear concise reports for each profile. Craft content once and publish it to multiple networks. They fill up your social calendar months in advance. Agorapulse even collects 100 of the comments on your Facebook and Instagram ads. 

By using is social media listening management software business can stay organized, save time, and easily manage your social media with Agorapulse’s inbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools. Over 31000 social media managers daily using this tool to schedule and maintain over 40+ social media profiles for their business. When you choose this tool, compare it with Hootsuite Vs Sprout Social Vs Agorapulse and pick the best social media scheduling tool for your business. It also providing a social media certification course at their Agorapulse Academy to improve your skills and grow your career. 

Interacts with:

  • Easy management.
  • Team collaboration. 
  • Achieves your goals faster.
  • Works more efficiently than others.


  • Agorapulse Free plan = 28 days.
  • Pro Pan = $79/month.
  • Premium tier = $159/month.
  • Enterprise tier = $499/month.

Agorapulse Pricing and Features

#5 Sendible

The word Sendible comes from the ‘Software-as-a-SaaS’ solution. The major aim of this tool is to streamline your social media management business workflow. Sendible is one of the best white label social media solutions for agencies. This is simple app deals with multiple tasks. Their dashboard was usually integrated for publishing the contents collaborating with every client and brand. Sendible products users can customize the user interface to match your brand colors as well as system-generated email notifications and web domain. Compare this Sendible vs Hootsuite vs AgoraPulse vs sprout social and select the best social media publishing software.

Interacts with:

  • Posted with flawless and without any queue.
  • Their assets are much better than other tools.
  • They are one of the large sight social media.
  • The monitor section gives us the variant features.
  • Good sending and composing functions.


  • 14 days of free trial plan.
  • The starter plan begins at $29/month.
  • While the Traction plan is at $89/month.
  • Scale Growth plan goes for $199/month.
  • Large scaled organizations cost $299/month.

Sendible Pricing and Features

#6 MavSocial

MavSocial discovers, manages, and edits all your social media content. It has built-in – stock image libraries. Moreover, they provide user-generated content curation and powerful editing tools. This gives reputed RSS feeds and uses mostly the scheduled design publishing mode. They give us real-time data. Build relationships with your top audience and manage all your interactions using message feeds, sentiment analysis, inbox, and conversation filters. It’s an award-winning complete social media management solution software that helps to easily schedule and automate your social media posts.

Interacts with:

  • Creating elegant posts.
  • Respond to engagement.
  • Approved posts.
  • They advertise to reach new audiences.


  • Free version plan = 14 days.
  • Advanced = $19/month.
  • Pro = $78/month.
  • Business = $199/month.
  • Enterprise = $499/month.

MavSocial Pricing and Features

#7 Sprout Social

Social has changed how we communicate and our consumers expect more like authenticity, connections, and accountability. There’s no single strategy to connect on social. But there is one solution to do at scale. 

Sprout Social is a time-consuming process and can focus on what matters most and the time we’re spending has a much greater impact. They have lots of blind spots in their social customer care more and more we’re seeing people reach out to us over social people if there’s been a problem in their experience bringing on a partner like a sprout was incredibly important. Social listening and social data have never been more prevalent. Thus they act as a game-changer by providing actually what we need. 

It is a top-rated and all-in-one social media management publishing platform that unlocks the full potential of social to transform not just your marketing strategy. sprout social analytics is one of the main reasons for businesses to choose this. Most of the social media managers prefer this as an alternate to Hootsuite. So when you choose a social media marketing tool compare sprout social vs Hootsuite and pick wisely.

Interacts with:

  • Tracks and analyzes trending social media
  • More advanced reporting and analytics.
  • Comprehensive experience.


  • Free = 30 days.
  • Standard plan = $99/month.
  • Professional plan = $169/month.
  • Advanced plan = $279/month.

Sprout Social Pricing and Features in Detail

There are many social media management solutions available in the market today. When you choose the best social media marketing tool, keep in mind their feature and it’s suitable for your business or not mainly within your budget. These include social profiles integrations, analytics tools, and campaigns set up, social listening options, and a few others. The ultimate goal of purchase social management and analytics tool is used to reduce time and improve business with revenue so whether you’re managing five accounts or fifty, the right social management tool will allow you to focus on your real goal – a higher return on investment for every spending dollar.

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